#BBNaija 2018 Day 37: The Evolution Of Bambam And Teddy A

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The pairing og Bambam and Teddya by big brotger seems like a match made in heaven, as Bamteddy have come to show everyone more than a few reasons why they rock the #bbnaija house.

When Bambam walked into the #bbnaija House, her almond eyes, heart-shaped face and enchanting smile sent electric sparkles in the air. With her petite frame, she was soft-spoken and held herself with an irresistible feminine candour. That perhaps is why it didnt come as a surprise that the buff and tattooed Teddy A was drawn to her as a magnet, and big brother helped to consolidate this by pairing them together.

Tge duo had made it no secret from the onset that they intended play the game fully and be lovers during their stay in the #bbnaija House. Teddy A came clear from the get go that he had a serious relationship outside the House, which explained why shortly after their pairing Teddy A appeared withdrawn from her, he even went as far as telling Vandora to mind her own business.

Bambam had turned to Angel in whom she confided of her frustrations about Teddy A. Yet she held on and forgave because she was so smitten after all, and he brought the whole of his alpha male self-back to her.

Somehow Bamteddy were caught up in their own game, as measured by the increased frequency of their locked lips. Teddy A and Bambam had become an item in the #bbnaija House, following each other all the time, eating, showering together and sleeping in the same bed.

Like any couple, they did have a few fights, and threw each other cold looks over food, but their attraction is so much stronger that there is no tension that a kiss did not dissolve.

In a move that apparently cemented the fact that he was smitten, tough guy Teddy A admitted during the diary sessions to reciprocate the feelings for Bambam, who used her Head of House priviledge to Save him from Evictions.

Is the relationship between the two real or bogus?



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