#BBNaija 2018 Day 36: The Evolving Relationship Of Leo And Alex

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The pairing betweenAlex and Leo in the #bbnaija house was one that started out as a strategic one but it has slowly grown into a budding romance in which the plot thickens each day with a fear of heart break for the young lady

Every keen follower of #bbnaija would have noticed that Leo possesses manipulative skills and he has been able to work them well on Alex.

He definitely knows how to manipulate and play people to his advantage and that is why many of the #bbnaija Housemates feel that his relationship or “friendship” as he likes to call it is dangerous. Leo is a businessman so he knows what to say to people to get what he wants and orchestrate situations to his advantage.

On the other hand, Alex appears to be an extremely sensitive person and is one person that is known in the #bbnaija House for breaking down emotionally over little and sometimes, inconsequential things.

She is young and naive and also kind at heart so it is no wonder that she would very easilly get swayed by the charming affections of someone like Leo.

His actions towards her are always gracious and loving but as each day passes, it is evident that Alex’s feelings are growing strong. She always wants to be around him, she is constantly doting on him acting very much like they are in a romantic relationship.

The actions of Leo are extremely confusing because as soon as he gets into the Diary room, he always talks to Biggie about how he has someone outside the #bbnaija House. He reaffirms the fact that him and Alex are “just friends” and that the whole situation is under control.

This is clearly not what Alex thinks, because even though he has said it to her, his actions and his words do not meet up. Saturday’s Diary Sessions revealed that almost all the #bbnaija Housemates think that Alex’s affections for Leo are real but his are just a part of the game.

Is there a heartbreak in the offing for the energetic dancer?



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