#BBNaija 2018 Day 33: Food War Between Teddy A And Bambam

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It definitely isn’t easy living in a House such as the #bbnaija house with so many different personalities that jave habits that may be strange and different to the one you are used to.

The #bbnaija Housemates have a lot on their plates, but they all always seem to be eyeing each other’s plates to make sure that no one gets away with a lot of food, while others make do with very little.

In truth, the lovers in the #bbnaija house are no strangers to fights as they have at one time or the other waged war against themselves or people who tried to manipulate the food equation and divide their portions while in the Big Brother House.

On the morning of day 33, Teddy A went at Bambam for wanting an extra plate of food while she hadn’t finished the one served last night. He felt that this was selfish and equivalent to cheating the system. She tried to defend her honour by explaining that the morning’s share was rightfully hers and therefore wasn’t trying to cheat anyone of a meal.

Teddy A seemed to be very passionate about the issue, as he went on and on, insisting she was wrong. Miracle and Tobi also made a few remarks about people eating multiple plates of food in one go.

This however, is not the first time the #bbnaija Housemates raise their voices at each because of food. During the two weeks of hunger due to two consecutive Wager losses, there were ugly exchanges and almost physical duels between them.

The hunger games were so rough that some of the #bbnaija housemates verbally pinned each other down for issues that was way out of the food context.

Asides personal differences and strategic clashes, food seems to be the number one cause of huffing, puffing and almost blowing each other down, even with enough food to feed more of them in the #bbnaija house.

To put in plain terms, there are some of the #bbnaija Housemates that feel entitled to having more food than other and there are those that feel the need to count the grains of rice on each plate to ensure that they aren’t cheated.

This cant help us, but wonder what will happen should they lose a 100% wager and have to tighten their belts.



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