#BBNaija 2018 Day 33: The Diary Sessions!

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Day 33 saw big brother have a no holds barred sessions with the #bbnaija housemates during the Diary Sessions, and emotions ranged from introspect and joy to tears and truth.


Big brother probed the #bbnaija Housemates and the reactions were very interesting, with three of the housamates; Nina, Angel and Ahneeka going to extreme levels.

Nina, who we all know doesn’t hold back during her Diary Session was literally actinh like she was seeing a psychologist. Nina burst into tears only five minutes after sitting down and Biggie had to come to her aid.

She was extremely frustrated over the Pepsi “Roc Da Mat” challenge, and this prompted Biggie to do a light meditation with her to clear her mind and he even told her to stop doubting herself.

Angel and Ahneeka on the other end of the scale were bundles of joy, as Angel fully admitted to his true feelings for Ahneeka and Ahneeka acted like a smitten school girl during her session and expressed mixed feelings over winning the Arena Games. She also admitted being physically attracted to Angel.

Tobi is a stand-up guy and he is always honest during his Diary Sessions but he was up tp his role as the head of house during the diary sessions. Basically he stated that he felt none of the relationships in the #bbnaija House were real, apart from Miracle and Nina’s.

He said everyone was just making strategic moves. He was also clear that he did have feelings for Cee-C but since seeing a different side to her, things have not been good for him.

One of the questions that Biggie asked all the #bbnaija Housemates during the sessions was if they felt any of the relationships in the House were real. Every single Housemate pointed to the fact that they felt Nina and Miracle really had true feelings for one another and everyone felt that their relationship would evolve beyond the House.

More so, another consistent fact that each #bbnaija Housemate expressed was their frustration towards the “Roc Da Mat” Challenge. Nina and Teddy A were the most distraught but BamBam also brought up how savage everyone had become all in the name of competition.



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