#BBnaija 2018 Day 33: Angel And Ahneeka Secretly Turning Against Other Housemates

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The pair of Angel and Ahneeka is a unique and interesting one that have a bit of history between them, but this week they seemed to have turned only to each other and away from the unity of the #bbnaija House.

The #bbnaija Housemates Task Presentation on the night of day 32 was a spectacular one, as everyone brought their A game and this resulted in them winning their wager. However, Biggie had a few words to say after the win and one of his statements made reference to Angel and Ahneeka’s presentation, basically stating that it was lacking in enthusiasm.

After the win, there was very little unity among the #bbnaija Housemates and the most obvious example of this was Angel and Ahneeka’s gossip session outside. They basically swore about the vibe in the House and said things against some of the other Housemates.

This is not the first example that the pair will be acting in defiance against any kind of unity in the #bbnaija House, they were equally as rebellious about the rules Tobi tried to implement for the “Roc Da Mat” challenge.

Tobi had suggested that they share the mats so that no one gets hurt and everyone has a chance, they completely swore this off, saying that all is fair in love and war – A competition is a competition after all.

Angel has been open about his feelings for Ahneeka and initially she was reluctant but now it seems she is enjoying his adoration. He has expressed that he has never met anyone who has made such an effort to improve him and help him grow. Their relationship however definitely seems more of a strategic one than a romantic one.

Is Ahneeka wielding her power over Angel as a strategic move in the #bbnaija House or does she really care about him? All will surely be revealed in time.



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