#BBNaija 2018 Day 32: Housemates Out To Form A Winning Alliance

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The #bbnaija Housemates are taking this week’s Task more seriously than any that they had faced previously and the obvious reason for this is the big prizes. Perhaps as a way of emerging winner, some of the #bbnaija housemates are out for a secret alliance as a way of making their chances of winning better.

The “Roc Da Mat” challenge has been a contentious one from the get go. Firstly, there were issues with Teddy A and Nina not wanting to participate because of the unfair nature with which the other #bbnaija Housemates were addressing the Task.

With only six mats and 7 pairs, there was bound to be some altercations and head butting, especially aince things are becoming extremely strategic with the pairs forming alliances.

The pairs of Angel and Ahneeka (Gelah) and Miracle and Anto (Mito) have decided to join forces and sabotage the other pairs in their attempt at getting points in the challenge.

Anto and Miracle, Ahneeka and Angel have deciphered that Alex is the weak link in the Tolex pair. Their plan is to get Ahneeka to distract Tobi and Angel to distract Alex so that they do not get any points in the challenge. Even though it seems harsh, but that is what the #bbnaija game is about.

Since the forming of the secret alliance, the anxiety in the #bbnaija house is incontrovertible and the other Housemates seem to have noticed. Teddy A strategically sent BamBam and Rico Swavey into the make shift congregation to find out exactly what was happening.

It appears that his ice worked, because the pair of Bambam and Rico Swavey are fully in the secret alliance as they are both slinging their secrets.

The ‘ROC da mat’ challenge Task is bringing out the true competitors in all of the #bbnaija housemates, as we wait with bated breath to see who comes out top.



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