#BBNaija 2018 Day 31: Nominated Housemates Need New Approach To Their Game

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There is no denying the fact that the #bbnaija Housemates have had quite a bumpy ride in the House, as we have seen the shed tears, share love and even act downright rudely to one another.

The dynamics in the #bbnaija House have changed so many times that not one person can claim to lay a finger on all the happenings.

For the nominated #bbnaija housemates, It isn’t easy knowing that they maybe gone in a matter of days simply because a majority of their fellow Housemates want you gone and chose to push you towards the slippery edge.

Cee-C and Lolu had a very bumpy start to their pairing and it was obvious that had they been given a chance, they would literally skin each other and leave to dry. According to the other #bbnaija Housemates, Cee-C had been living comfortably on her high horse and saw everyone else as a commoner while she was royalty.

It is however difficult to put a finger on what exactly she has planned to adopt as her strategy. Closing herself up and wearing her ‘friendly’ cloak only when things are about to go awry seems to be her default behaviour.

Lolu seems to have disliked his new partner even before they were paired and he made that much known to her. Besides learned gists and a display of academic strength, we’ve seen nothing concrete strategy wise when it comes to Lolu. The duo seem to be trying their best to get along and we can only wonder what will happen if they make it through.

The pair of Leo and Ifu Ennada is another pair that seems to have destiny in their black lists as none of them would have thought they would wind up together. Why there are no visible cracks, the duo still have their issues.

Ifu Ennada started out as the most active and talkative of the females in the #bbnaija house and she had concrete opinions about anything and everything; which could easily pass as her strategy. She however seems to be missing a muse of late.

Leo on the other hand seems to have adopted the ‘be forgotten’ strategy and it’s worked so far. The #bbnaija Housemates literally don’t have much to say about or against him. Till recently with Nina and Miracle, he had never been caught up in a dust raising quarrel. He’s never given anybody a reason to want him out of the house.

Initially, Ahneeka was a little thrown off by Dee-One’s rejection and sealed herself in a multi-walled shell but managed to show a bit of herself, maybe a little too much as her fellow #bbnaija housemates began to think of her as unable to control her temper.

Her strategy might not be very obvious but it seems staying out of trouble and keeping to herself could be it. Angel’s strategy is however pretty obvious though.

Since day one, his approach was an educative and informative one; which a lot of people in the #bbnaija house perceived as overbearing and all knowing. Their union seemed to be a natural one as Angel has been courting Ahneeka and she seems to be reciprocating this, even though it seems lowkey.



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