#BBNaija 2018 Day 31: Housemates Immerse Themselves In The Day’s Task

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The #bbnaija Housemates had an interesting and eventful day on day 31 which included having to worry about doing the right things and behaving the right way in order to harvest votes, to having to worry about the ‘Roc Da Mat’ Task.

The diary sessions that occured a day before were based on the Nominations, the Head of house save and replace as well as the Pepsi Talk. Much was revealed during the #bbnaija diary session and by the looks of it, there was an unofficial census about Gelah (Angel and Ahneeka).

According to the #bbnaija Housemates, this pair has been less than forthcoming in terms of the interactions and for that reason, they couldn’t entirely be trusted.

On the other hand, there were mixed reactions about the save and replace as some were for and a few were against Tobi’s decision to put Cee-C and Lolu whom he has had romantic liaisons with up for possible eviction.

Amongst the Nominated #bbnaija housemate pairs, there seems to be a presence of nostalgia and tranquillity. Although they seem to be quivering at the thought of possible eviction, the pairs seem pretty confident about their stay in the House.

The problem however is that they do not know whether or not Biggie will do the multiple Eviction or simply stick to the singular one.

The Evening went by smoothly with the #bbnaija Housemates sitting closely to the carpet and not willing to miss their chance at boogying for the win as Big brother revealed the Prices that the winning pair would walk away with.

There was a bit of a battle between Bamco (Bambam and Roci Swavey) and Gelah but all was well that ended well. Ceelo (Cee-C and Lolu) had a bit of a bonding session about Nina’s new found confidence, as they talked about her becoming overly rude to them. In all, the #bbnaija housemates in the house generally had a good time.

With so much at stake and only a few days till eviction, we wait to see how the #bbnaija housemates impress viewers enough to sway their votes.



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