#BBNaija 2018 Day 31: The Captivating Pair Of Ahneeka And Angel

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When Ahneeka stepped into the #bbnaija House, she let her million dollar smile that radiates for miles around infect and charm everyone she came in contact with. As the days went by, the beautiful and talented Ahneeka added credence to the beauty and brains she exudes.

While she has the ability and willpower to hold down a drink very seriously and will virtually dust any other #bbnaija housemate when it comes to twerking, there is definitely more tp her than meets the eye when it comes to Ahneeka.

More than the beauty and sex-appeal that she has come to be known for, she has been the brainpowers behind her two partnerships so far. First when she was paired with Rico Swavey as Rineeka, it didn’t take long for her partner to be tortured by the constant drooling over her.

She on the other hand quickly cooled off any fantasies he was starting to entertain, making him know that he was nothing more than a brother to her. She made it known that she had come for the prize and nothing would veer her off her track.

At the beginning, it seemed like the logic behind Biggie’s next pairing her with Angel was obstrusive, it ultimately proved to be the perfect match. Ahneeka and Angel have so far offered a fantastic combination of wits in the #bbnaija house, easing and oozing confidence.

Just as with Rico Swavey, Ahneeka is the silent leading member of the pair. She hardly ever enforces her opinion, even as she softly guides her mate into her own strategy. Unlike anyone else in the #bbnaija House, she managed to placate Angel’s bragging tendencies, a trait that has made him come across as socially clumsy.

As the pair spend more and more time together, Angel seems to want to be willingly led by her and he inevitablyfell for Ahneeka. She however didn’t bat an eyelid as she saw it as usual business, though we suspect that something is cooking between the two of them.

Ahneeka has been curiously coy lately and Angel made no secret that he would want to date someone like her outside the #bbnaija House. Time will tell if the duo get to hit it off.



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