Women Now Allowed To Join Military In Saudi Arabia

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Women Now Allowed To Join Military In Saudi Arabia

Women in Saudi Arabia have now been given the green light to enlist in the military as the kingdom continues to enact reforms granting females more access to a wide range of previously forbidden careers.

It is understood that women have until Thursday to apply for positions with the rank of soldier in the provinces of Riyadh, Mecca, al-Qassim and Medina.

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Their roles in the military do not appear to involve combat, but will instead give them the opportunity to work in security.

The decision was announced on Sunday, February 25, by Saudi’s General Security division in a statement

The decision comes as part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 social program launched by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

In order to become a soldier, however, a woman must fulfill 12 conditions, including: being of Saudi origin, raised in the Kingdom, unless her father had to live abroad because of a ‘government-related responsibility.’

In addition, applicants must be 25 to 35 years of age, hold at least a high school education (diploma), and must pass a mandatory medical check up.

Women married to non-Saudis are precluded from applying as is anyone with a criminal record or who was previously employed in any government or military-related institution. An applicant’s height must also not be less than 155 centimeters, with a good weight to height ratio.

Under Saudi Arabia’s guardianship system, women who apply to join the army must also have a place of residence in the same provinces as the job’s location with their male guardians, usually husband, father, brother or son.



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