The Things You Can Learn From The Disposition Of Your Date On The First Day

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Contrary to popular belief, sometimes you can judge a book by its cover and by this we mean you can learn a couple of things by what your date is wearing. While a lot of people have hidden sides that they tend not to reveal right away, women rarely dress in things that don’t agree with their personalities—especially for first dates.

With that in mind, here are a number of first date looks, what they mean and how to play the hand your dealt, so to speak.

The Gold Digger
This beautiful and stylish woman knows exactly what she wants. S just wants to enjoy the finer things of life as she looks for a man with a fat bank account who can sweep her off on an overnight flight to Paris.

If you are into high-maintenance women and not opposed to having a trophy girl, proceed with caution. Sex isn’t her top priority, but all she needs is a new Hermes handbag and you can have your way.

The One With The Daddy Issues
This one seems lost and confused but she tries her best to hide her insecurities with revealing clothes and attempts to woo you with her assets. She is surely not the type of girl you want to take home to your mom.

Sex with her maybe steamy and she will definitely want to cling and claim you as her boyfriend afterwards.

The Next Door Girl
This one comes with a twist. She looks innocent but she is still cunning and if you’re not careful, she maybe your worst nightmare. She will play nice as long as she’s getting what she wants and she doesn’t take no for an answer.

Despite the fact that she has an inviting smile, she’s guarded and has a thick shield of armour to protect her feelings. If you just want to get laid, you may have to put in extra effort than you think and make sure you don’t break her heart. Or else, you’d see a violent side you never knew existed.

The Trendsetter
Someone in this category is extroverted, accessorized and fashionable. She definitely isn’t afraid to show a little skin and she will love to meet up at a posh restaurant. Her positive and fun personality will make her easy to converse with but you will definitely get tired of her using the word “like”.

Ladies like these are at best sugar daddy materials and they can definitely make your lunchtime turn quickly to happy hour if you have that much money and can flash the goods.

The Sassy Queen
This one is a party girl that loves to wear high heels, short dresses and spray on a fierce attitude. She will probably test your limits and try to squash your ego but the best thing you should do is to play it cool.

Remain confident and she will realise that you’re man enough to handle her. She might be a little rough around the edges, but don’t be fooled, she is very much open minded and will respect you more, once you put her in her place.

The Busy Professional
This one is career oriented, smart and ambitious. Her work is her priority and she never hesitates to show it. She sets her standards high and appreciates intelligent men who can keep up with her ideas on politics, finance and governance.

She may not have time for a serious relationship, but if you’re a good match, she may just make you a convenient friend with benefits. Just don’t plan cuddling or spending the night.

The Free Spirit
This one is liberal and open to new experiences. She is as versatile as they come and definitely the kind of girl you can do anything with—literally. You can never get bored with her around because she is spontaneous, edgy and not afraid of risky things.

She will definitely love tattoos and if you’ve got one to reveal to her, she’s all yours. Just make sure you have plenty of energy to keep up.



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