Six Questions To Answer To Know Whether You Have An Alcohol Problem Or Not

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If you’re feeling a little anxious as you came across this article, that’s enough of a question to ask yourself whether or not you have an alcohol problem.

A lot of people the world over have an alcohol problem without even realising it, but her are a number of questions you should ask yourself and if you find yourself agreeing, consider starting the conversation with your primary care doctor or any licensed mental health expert.

Is Your Social Life Primarily Based On Alcohol?
We’re you supposed to meet up with a friend but instead of doing so, you blow off the meeting to go to the bar? People that have a drinking problem tend to lose interest in hobbies or people they once enjoyed because they’d rather go where the alcohol is.

If You’re planning your social life and your time around drinking, chances are you are preoccupied with drinking to the point that you’re not really focused on what movie you want to see or where you want to hang out.

How Much Do You Drink?
Consider both the frequency with which you consume alcohol and t amount. Did you start small and climbed to an unbelievable level? Alcoholism is a progressive disease, so an upward trend indicates a problem.

When it comes to quantity, the rule of thumb for women is no more than three drinks in a sitting and no more than seven per week and for men not more than four in a sitting and ten per week. Of you’re however not exceeding these amounts, it doesn’t mean that you are in the clear.

For one person, two glasses of wine may form part of casual drinking and dinner but a smaller person might have the same quantity and experience more forgetfulness than she’d like, or fall asleep early. The Right amount varies from person to person and using the recommendations above shouldn’t serve as a free pass.

Do You End Up Drinking More Than You Planned?

Before going out, you made a vow that you will only have two cocktails at the party but you ended up taking five drinks. And when your partner asks you if you could stay off alcohol for a week, you agreed but it turned into a different thing of because you can’t seem to moderate your intake and stick to how much you say you’ll drink when sober you is talking.

You may want to dig deeper by taking inventory of how many times you’ve tried to cut back and failed. This will help you appraise yourself and make good adjustments.

Do You Regret Afterwards?
We are not talking about the hangovers you feel but that pit in your stomach associated with guilt. People that have a drinking problem back out of plans, neglecting their friends, showing up late at work, and behaving unruly and that doesn’t feel good.

If you feel some sort of guilt related to not remembering what you said or did, or perhaps endangering your life and others through drunk driving, you need to see a therapist soon.

Do You Black Out?
It takes only a few drinks for you to noticeably impair your memory, and research says women are at greater risk of experiencing blackouts than men. This is because women’s brains are more vulnerable to alcohol-induced damage than men’s brains.

If you find yourself having blackouts, you need to investigate your relationship with alcohol. It may not mean you’re forgetting the entire night, it could just be that you’re not remembering parts of the evening.

Are Your Friends And Family Showing Concern?
Any close person to you that has expressed concern is an indication that an alcohol problem is in the offing. Never dismiss the concerns of the people that know you, especially if multiple people have echoed the same sentiments. It’s hard for people to tell someone they’re concerned, and it’s hard for the people receiving the information to hear it.



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