All The Signs That Shows A Hookup Is About To Happen

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Trying to score a hookup can be a big task to undertake. You have to acquire your target, respectfully woo her and close the deal while warding off annoying friends. Scoring a hookup however shouldn’t be such a difficult task.

You need to heighten your senses, take note of some key signals, and you will surely kno early enough whether you will be spending the night with your hookup. Here are a number of things you should look out for.

Observe Her Drinking Habits
Observe your new lady friend’s drinking habits. If you find her barely sopping her wine, she most likely wants to quickly get out of the bar alone as quickly as possible.

If she downs five tequila shots plus vodka on the rocks, she’s probably passing out the second she hits a bed. However, if she has had a modest number of drinks accompanied by a fun, tipsy demeanour, you have a potential hookup before you.

Take Note Of The Touching moments
You can deduce a lot from body language. Pay attention not only to what that girl is saying, but also the things she’s doing. Is she rubbing her foot on your legs under the table?

Lightly stroking your upper arm or leaning in closer than necessary to tell you that story? Those are surely signs of someone interested in more.

She Flies Solo
Imagine a scenario where you meet a beautiful girl at the club and you get to buy her a drink while you both chat. Everything goes on well till her girlfriends approach and tell her they have to leave the place.

Lots of girls will say their goodbyes at this point. But if your companion confidently tells her friends to go on without her, chances are she’s planning to go on with you.

She Doesn’t Reach For Her Phone
It’s the era of smart phones and everyone gets to spend a lot of time on them. If someone’s engaged enough by another person, they will surely give their phone a rest.

So if the girl you’re chatting up is ignoring texts, silencing rings or not even looking at her phone, you are surely doing an excellent job of keeping her interested in you. Keep doing what you’re doing, and you just might be holding her later.

She Improves Her Appearance
Guys and ladies are all about looking their best for the people they are interested in and will go to great lengths to do it. As such, you can study your lady’s appearance before and after she heads to the bathroom.

If she comes back spotting a new coat of lipstick and her makeup refreshed, she’s probably trying to impress someone, and hopefully that person is you.

Her Eyes Are All On You
When you get bored with something, chances are you look at every other thing than the thing responsible for your boredom. The same same thing applies for flirting and hookup. If she looks at you when you are talking to her, good sign.

But if she has her eyes roving around the club or bar while you tell her your best stories, she’s probably searching for a different scene or a new prospect. You may as well cut your losses and do the same.



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