Seven Small Gestures Your Partner Will Always Appreciate You For

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There are certain you do such as buying Jewellery,shoes and an array of gifts that women appreciate but what about certain gestures? It is guaranteed that she will love little things such as having a foot and back rub and some snacks, especially if she isn’t expecting you to make them.

Some of these gestures can go a long way in changing her perception of you and improving improving relationship overall. Here are seven simple gestures that when made, can make your partner feel the love.

Make Breakfast Ready For Her
Breakfast in bed sounds good in theory, but in reality, you’re just awkwardly eating a meal of scrambled eggs and bread amidst tangled sheets and piles of laundry.

Instead, you can set breakfast out at the dining table for your lady on a weekday morning. What can be better than her waking up on a Monday morning to a hot meal made for her?

Stay Off Your Phone
There’s no way your phone is more interesting than her face. As such, keep it far away from the table when you’re sharing a meal. She will appreciate this gesture much more than you know as nothing boosts loving feelings like some good, old-fashioned eye contact.

Make a List For the Week
This sit atop gestures you can make. The truth is some weeks will be tougher than others. If you realise that your partner is about to have a challenging week ahead of them, you can write her a list of the things you love about her to help her easily overcome the tough tasks she has ahead.

A list of seven things you love about her will be good as one can serve for each day. Some weeks are just harder than others.

Do Her Chores For Her
Does she need to change her windshield wipers or she has no time to do her laundry that week? Does that annoying hinge on the bedroom door always squeak? All these and more will take a few moments to tend to and they are gestures that she will appreciate more than you know.

Encourage Her More
If she has a challenging task or big presentation coming up, set a calendar reminder for 30 minutes before the big event. That way, you can drop her a note and assure her she’s going to ace it.

Leave Her Voice notes
Send her a text letting her know you will soon call her back, and her not to pick up. You can then leave her a loving—or perhaps filthy—voicemail. Alternatively, you can record a voice note and send to her through one of the many instant messaging apps. That way, she has something she can listen to again and again.

Make a Modern-Day Mix Tape
Never underestimate the power of a good song, not to talk of a series of songs on a playlist. The songs don’t have to be sappy and you can make a mix of the best ’90s R&B ballads or an album full of remixes of a song she loves. Everyone needs something good to listen to on the commute home.



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