Science Says Alcohol Can Can Make You Better At Foreign Languages

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You probably know a guy or it could be that you are that guy that claims you can speak a foreign language when you are high on Alcohol.

As weird and bizarre as it sounds, it may actually be true! While getting wasted is not actually a good thing, it may temporarily make you speak a foreign. Language without making you bilingual.

A recent study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology found that imbibing alcohol does actually improve most people’s communication skills in a foreign language they had recently learned. The study examined 50 native German speakers who had recently started learning Dutch.

The participants were randomly given either a non-alcoholic beverage or a low dose of alcohol, and then given the same verbal examination, a casual conversation in Dutch.

The examiners were blinded, so they couldn’t tell (other than by hearing them) whether or not the participant they were chatting to was drunk or not.

All the conversations were audio recorded and then played back for native Dutch speakers, who gave them a rating based on how good the participant was. Weirdly enough, the drunk people did better.

While the study cannot be used to judge a wide variety of people due to the fact that it had just 50 respondents, and there’s always a chance that the participants given alcohol just happened to be the ones who were better at Dutch.

More so, the respondents were native German speakers studying at a Dutch University who said they’d recently learned Dutch, but it’s difficult to control for what they may or may have not know before the survey.

The findings of the study notwithstanding may be a Cause for celebration among university students studying abroad, but the researchers made it known that none of the participants got drunk on Alcohol.

According to one of the study researchers Dr. Fritz Renner, of the Netherland’s Maastricht, “It is important to point out that participants in this study consumed a low dose of alcohol.” “Higher levels of alcohol consumption might not have beneficial effects on the pronunciation of a foreign language.”

In other words, getting absolutely drunk on Alcohol is not going to help you speak that foreign language you desire or impress that girl in her mother tongue.

Another researcher, Dr. Jessica Werthmann, made it known that that alcohol might make people better at languages just because it chills them out. One possible mechanism could be the anxiety-reducing effect of alcohol. She however said more research was needed to confirm or disprove the claim.



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