The Reasons Why Strong Perfumes And Fragrances Makes You Feel Sick

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Perfumes and Strong fragrances are somewhat very annoying especially when it seems like the person next to you sprayed a whole bottle to smell nice. Despite how annoying Perfumes and stein fragrances can be, they are also potential health hazards for a lot of people.

According to a study published in in Preventive Medicine Reports, perfumes and strong fragrances can trigger a number of health issues in certain people. The result states that out of a survey of 1,098 Australians, one-third of them reported experiencing one or more health issues as a result of scented products.

Of the one-third that were affected by the scents, 17 percent had respiratory troubles, like problems breathing, coughing, or shortness of breath. Other issues that the affected participants complained about included migraines, eye irritation, sneezing, dizziness, head pain, nausea, diarrhea, and mental cloudiness.

Furthermore, the study also found that the issues caused by these strong fragrances were not just mild annoyances, either as it caused as much as 8 percent of people to miss work.

Air fresheners or deodorizers were found to be the number one culprit for 16 percent of those surveyed, and cleaning fluids came in a close second at 15 percent.

Furthermore, the research found that many of the products release dangerous air pollutants, some of them carcinogenic, which emit even more pollutants when combined with ozone. This perhaps is responsible for contributing to some of the effects people feel when they smell the fragrances.

Moreover, separate studies in the United States of America also found out that people there likely experience similar levels of the irritants. As a matter of fact, author of the study Anne Steinemann, Ph.D., found in a separate study that 35 percent of Americans experience health issues from scented products.

She described the effects as an epidemic, and that the effects can be immediate, severe, and potentially disabling.

What can you do? If you discover that anything you use around the house or on your own body makes you queasy or lightheaded, the study recommends switching to something unscented.

And since 43 percent of survey respondents wished their offices were fragrance-free, avoid dousing yourself in perfumes, cologne or anything containing strong fragrances before work so you don’t literally give your colleagues at work a headache.



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