Ramsey Nouah & Segun Arinze At War In The New Action Drama Series

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Ramsey Nouah

Nigerian legendary actors Ramsey Nouah & Segun Arinze star in a new captivating Action thriller Television Series “Oghenekome”.

Producers of Casino & Taste of Love (Micromedia Limited) have again captured elements of intrigue, love, culture & action to create this enlightening drama series.

Oghenekome, creatively encapsulates the predicament in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria while narrating the tale of revenge, twisted sorrow, pain and an intrinsic ambition for power. Oghenekome (Ramsey Nouah) is both the protagonist and villain in this remarkable rendition of the struggles and journey of the oppressed indigenes of Ozon Kingdom.

This story mirrors how love went sour, friends became foes, and brothers became enemies all in the quest of power & love.

Hearts will be broken!!!!!

Bridges will be burned down!!!!

 War is coming!!!

It’s a race for survival!!!!!!!

Watch out for this Drama Series.

Ramsey Nouah

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