Jenas: Alli Is Replaceable

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Former Tottenham man, Jermaine Jenas believes Dele Alli is expendable.

Tottenham are trying to hold on to their stars, but their change in status makes it difficult.

With Alli attracting interest and Tottenham looking to fund a new stadium, Jenas sees Alli as a player that could be sold.

The former Spurs midfielder told GQ: “If I was going to guess, I would say Dele Alli might go.

“I don’t think that is something that Spurs fans will want to hear, because he is a very popular player.

“But if the new stadium does exert some financial pressures on the club, Dele is the kind of player that Spurs could replace.

“Dele is without doubt a brilliant player and I am sure he will go on and play for another top team, but in the area he plays in he is replaceable.”



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