The Infinix Zero 5 – The Review

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Infinix is loved by all as the smartphone young people want. It is cool this focus on the young people has helped Infinix to tap into the market of 18-year-olds to 35-year-olds as well—who doesn’t want to be cool after all? I do.

In reviewing Infinix Zero 5, I have to give you a quick background about the Zero series. It is the flagship model and it is targeted at a specific niche. The Zero 5 has positioned itself at the premium camera phone everyone should have. It strikes me as a phone built for creatives who love to take professional looking photographs.

These days, it is not only creatives that shoot professionally looking photographs. In the past, most households will have at least one point and shoot camera. It will come in handy when the family goes for recreation or on vacation—to capture memories. These days people simply rely on their smartphone to take gorgeous photos and make videos.

The Physical Built

The Zero 5 is well built—all metal. The one I am reviewing is the champagne gold version with white borders at the front.

Unlike the Samsung GALAXY S8 and S8 Plus that spots their fingerprint reader at an awkward position, the Zero 55 fingerprint reader is at the back of the phone at a position where we can reach it with ease.

Infinix is not claiming that it is a bezel-less phone or infinity display, but the screen to body ratio is just perfect that the screen stretches to both sides of the phone making video viewing and game playing a pleasure. I enjoy watching movies on the Zero 5. More about the audio later.

The Performance and Battery

At 6 GB of ram and 4450 mAh battery, the Zero 5 is behemoth. You can throw anything at it and it will handle it. Unlike some Android phones that lags, crash when you are doing simple tasks like messaging on WhatsApp, the Zero 5 is smooth and fast when in use. Apps do not just stop and crash throughout the time I was using it—reading books, watching videos and viewing documents.

The tank is so full and once you start the day on a full tank, the phone keeps going till the end of the day and you can forget about carrying power bank everywhere you go.

The only worry I had while using this phone is not a worry at all. The size of the phone, aha! You will find it hard fitting in your pocket without having a bulge. But, what is the value of a phone that’s so pretty, but end up dead at noontime? It is like the saying that a living dog is better than a dead lion. Go figure. Thinking of it, the phone is not ugly, just large enough as a capable display to view documents, watch videos and play games.


The rear dual camera is 12 MP wide-angle lens + 13 MP telephoto lens. While the front selfie camera is 16 MP four-in-one. The rear camera will take pictures that will make someone ask what photographer or what camera shot this. Tell them the Zero 5 Shot it! The portrait mode even makes for a better photo that looks like you shot the image using a 1M Naira lens—yes, there are professional camera lens that cost that much.

Take a look at some of the images I shot below and be the judge yourself.

If you are selling on Instagram or online anywhere, on a low budget to purchase a professional camera, you can use the Zero 5 and get an image that is absolutely stunning.

Another plus, the Zero 5 has a manual mode. You can choose your ISO and other settings. Aha!


The Zero 5 Spots Android 7.0 Nougat based on XOS 3.0—the Infinix customized XOS that wins with users and get Infinix competitors jealous. You can tap on the far-left option keys and hold on to it for a few secs to activate it. But note, not all apps support split screen.

The split-screen feature will come in handy when you want to keep watching a video on YouTube and check twitter at the same time.


The Zero 5 ticks so many boxes and I will strongly recommend it to those who want a fantastic professional camera smartphone, with a large enough display to watch movies, view documents and play games and those who don’t mind a huge phone and wants a fast and efficient phone. The 6gb RAM is a huge plus for Android users as well it helps to multitask and load heavy apps.  If you worry about size, then the 5,98 displays of the Zero 5 is not for you.

The Zero 5 is still selling in the market for N106,000.

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