The Four Things Single People Believe Are The Greatest Turnoffs In Their Partners

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There are a lot of things that happens in bed that we individually think are turnoffs, but some of these things have been Generally agreed to be so.

While nobody wants to have a reputation for being terrible in bed, there are certain things that some of us do unknowingly that can give us a bad impression.

More so, research suggests there are a few things you can avoid to make a big difference in bed. Single people are particularly forthright and expressive when it comes to their desires regarding their romantic life.

A study conducted in the United States of America on over 5,000 singles ages 18 and older on every aspect of their romantic lives discovered a lot of fun statistics regarding the expectations of single people in bed.

The research asked single people what their biggest red flags were during sex; more explicitly, the things most likely to make them say it was bad. As much as 82 percent of participating singles said “too much talking” was the greatest turnoff and the quickest way to get sex rated as bad.

As much as 74 percent were of the opinion that very little movement was at the top of their turnoffs list and 62 percent say being a bad kisser was the worst thing in bed.

You may want to know what the opposites of someone who talks too much, doesn’t move, and isn’t passionate or the greatest turnoffs are? The research also offered some insight into what makes for good sex as well.

As much as 83 percent of singles that participated in the study were of the opinion that “a caring and enthusiastic partner was the greatest turn on” and saw it as the best indicator of good sex. The second most important indicator of good sex stood at 78 percent, according to the survey and it had to do with good communication. Being a good kisser came in third at 76 percent. All three of those factors, in fact, ranked higher than actually getting off.

However, it is important to note that all of the factors listed above are part of a whole. The research data shows that ideally, to have great sex, you should be genuinely into the sex you’re having, be an open communicator (but don’t talk too much!), and make damn sure you’re a good kisser.

The fact that reaching orgasm isn’t at the top of the list means that if you’re nailing those parts, there is a good chance your partner will still have a good time. And as far as getting an orgasm goes, there are ways you can get her there but you should avoid focusing too much on it.



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