Five Ways You Can Burn More Fat When You Exercise

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We have all heard or believe that exercise helps us to burn fats that we do not need and also to get an athletic body that will be an envy to our friends and family. However, one of the most important reasons people exercise is to keep fit and burn fats they do not need.

Exercise is quite important for people that have extra fats, as it can help them avoid complications from certain health problems and diseases such as stroke and cardiac arrest.

But how can you burn more fat when you exercise? Here are five tested and proven ways to achieve the desired results.

Shorten Your Rest Periods When You Exercise
Making sure that you shave off some seconds off your rest period when you are exercising can significantly help to raise your metabolism. You should however remember not to go too low.

You will need a minimum of 30 seconds’ to rest in between your exercise routines or else, you risk burning yourself out. The only exception to this is when you are undergoing circuit training which requires rest no rest between sets.

Train Your Entire Body
If you have been following a split routine for your exercises, where you do upper-body exercises one day, and lower-body ones the following day, you may want to consider doing both on the same day. Training your entire body the same day can help to spike your growth hormones which will inadvertently burn fats quickly.

Do Alternate Sets
It is best for you to do a set of a lower-body exercise followed by an upper-body one, such as a squat and then a row. Doing alternate sets such as this can help in that it allows one muscle group enough time to recover while you train another one.

Increase Your Lifting Speed
You can burn more calories by doing explosive exercises like plyo pushup, which involves you pushing yourself into the air and box jumps. You can also employ the use of lighter weights which you can lift up more explosively on the upward phase of the movement.

Decrease Your Number Of Reps
The workout routines of a lot of people are based around the idea of 10 reps per set. However, a lot of strength coaches are of the opinion that you can get a bigger spike in metabolism by reducing your reps and tacking on an additional set. As such, they recommend sets of six to eight reps.



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