Does Farting Really Help you Burn Calories And Lose Weight?

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There’s no denying the fact that farting has the ability to make you feel a thousand times lighter, especially when you’re bloated but can it help you burn calories and lose weight?

There has been certain claims that one fart has the ability to burn 67 calories, which is equivalent to the number of calories you’d burn going for a 15-minute stroll or doing burpees for six minutes straight. But is this actually true?

Contrary to what you may have read, farting doesn’t actually burn calories. The average person has about 0.5 to 1.5 liters of gas hanging out in their digestive tract per day.

Farting up to 20 times per day is considered within the normal range. As such, if each fart actually burned 67 calories, then one day of gas-passing would burn up to 1,340 calories.

That is simply ridiculous as there is no way that you can fart yourself thin. Farting is not a practical weight-loss tool, and it cannot be used in place of regular exercise.

And if you thought the sound it makes, makes a difference in the amount of calories burned, you’re wrong too! Silent or loud, farts are made up of the same stuff: nitrogen, hydrogen, methane, oxygen, and water.

The loudness is determined by the volume of gas being passed and the velocity of the expulsion, and neither factor will result in greater calorie burn.

Why Doesn’t Farting Burn Calories?
Passing gas is usually a very passive bodily function. When you pass gas, your muscles relax and the gas pressure in your bowels do all the work in expelling the gas. Calories been from muscle activity, not inactivity and since the muscles aren’t doing any work in expelling the gas, straining yourself to the limit while farting would really be the only way to possibly burn calories.

If you’re straining hard enough to burn a calorie or two it will likely result in a poop-in-your-pants accident. Even if you experience a violent and explosive fart, it would be pretty difficult to burn calories during it. If you’re exercising and let one go, you’d be burning calories, but that would be a result of the exercise taking place not the expulsion of gas.

Why You Might Feel Like You’re Farting Yourself Thin
You may not be able to fart yourself thin but farting can make you feel lighter, especially if you feel bloated. We get gassy in one of two ways. By swallowing air through bubbly beverages, chewing gum, or using a straw can create extra air in the gastrointestinal tract. The most common reason why your body produces extra gas is because you’ve eaten things you can’t absorb or digest.

If too much gas gets stuck in your gastrointestinal tract, it can cause uncomfortable bloat that distends the abdomen, which is why a good toot can make all the difference. If you’re bloated and need to fart, do it, as why it may not burn calories, it will definitely make you feel better.



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