De Bruyne: I Feel Like S***

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The busy schedule of the premier league is starting to take its toll on Kevin De Bruyne, who seems to be getting lethargic.

Manchester City are still fighting for silverware on four fronts, and are in pole position in the EPL.

Burnley held their own against the runaway leaders, playing out a 1-1 draw and De Bruyne admits to fatigue playing a role.

“I was feeling it from the first minute,” the Belgium international told UK newspapers.

“You feel great for 10 games, then you feel OK for 10 games and then the rest you feel like s***.”

“We should have won the game, it’s just the way it is but nobody is complaining about the way we played,” he said.

“It is very hard now and we haven’t got any players left so maybe we do feel a little bit of tiredness which makes it a little bit more difficult but I thought the way we played was exceptional.”



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