How You Can Successfully Move An Online Relationship To The Real World

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It’s been a while that you an your online friend has been talking and you feel you both know enough of each other to move the relationship to the real world.

Her personality seems to be as excellent as the photographs of her you have seen and you are at the point where you’d like to meet each other in person.

You don’t have to be worried because figuring how to take an online relationship into the real world should not give you a headache because you are actually a step or two ahead of others.

Agree To Meet
From the moment the both of you have gotten tired of sweet messages, words and poems and you’re tired of sending emoticons back and forth, it shows that it is time for you to arrange a meeting.

You should take the bull by the horns and be proactive. Show her that you’re interested in seeing her, don’t wait around for her to do it.

Your online relationship is about to move to the real world, and in the real world if you show any sign of being indecisive, you would be seen as weak. Simply tell her “I think we should meet” and go on from there.

Choose A Nice Place
This also shouldn’t give you much problems. Since you guys have virtually spent most days and nights chatting and talking about everything, you should have an idea of the kind of place she likes.

Pick a place you know the both of you will enjoy. Do your best to stay far away from the regular and cliché movie date and restaurants.

Since its the first time you’re getting to see your online love interest, it’s best not to choose a boring activity. She’s interested in seeing if you are the same picture you painted for her and so are you. so don’t choose a boring activity.

Stay Calm
You have absolutely nothing to be nervous about as technically, it isn’t the first time you will be meeting. You surely won’t be spending half of the date getting to know each other as you already know each other.

Be confident and relaxed because you guys have already developed a level of comfort that most people on first dates don’t have. You should take your first date as fun. You will see that all the pressure you feel will dissipate once you get talking.

Seeing Her Again
There’s a huge chance that the both of you will hit it off easily and quickly. With that being the case, you both will definitely like to see each other more frequently. Do your best to enjoy the time you spend with her.

The fact that you made it this far means that you’re better off than most people at this stage simply because you got to learn about each other online, with no social pressure whatsoever. Your online relationship has just become a real life, tangible one.

Growing Together
If you get to this stage, you will notice all the aspects of a normal relationship setting in. You will get to meet her friends, she will meet yours.

You will have occasional disagreements but the both of you will have a real chance of developing your union the same way as people that met in a mall or church. Enjoy it the best you can.

You’d Answer Questions
At some point or the other, you will surely get questions from people regarding how the both of you met. Some people will surely feel embarrassed to say they met online but there’s no need for you to be. A growing number of relationships start online in some shape or form. If you guys are happy, it doesn’t really matter, does it?



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