How You Can Make Money By Simply Giving Up Your Airplane Seat

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Giving up your airplane seat is perhaps one of the most harrowing experience but you can actually make money from it. Sometimes, Airlines randomly select people to tak off flights that have been overbooked and the procedure for doing so is totally legitimate when carried out lawfully.

An airline can decide to give up your spot, irrespective of whether you have your spot booked or not. They can remove you using an air marshal, if the plane is too heavy to fly due to atmospheric conditions or pretty much for any reason they come up with.

If you’re faced with such situation and you have an airport employee a tempting voucher or hard cash in front of you, these are the best strategies to follow.

Flying First Class Lowers Your Risk

When you’re asked to take a later flight, be sure to get a voucher for future bookings, travel stipend, financial compensation, and even a full refund. Legally, when you book a ticket, the airline has the final say but to lower your risk, Fly first class or have status in the frequent flier program and you’re less likely to be dragged off the plane.

Expect To Be Paid
While the law requires you to be paid, the amount depends on how long it takes an airline to get you to your destination. The longer the delay, the higher the amount payable to you. While there are certain limits, it can still be lucrative.

Hold Out Longer, Earn More
Despite the fact that there are regulations, airline employees however possess some negotiating power. What this means is that you should act strict especially if you’re not in a hurry to get to where you’re going.

The more desperate the airline is to get you off the plane, the more the value of the voucher and the money you get becomes.

Book At Peak Times If You Want A Payout
Some people take advantage of an overbook situation as a strategy to get paid and it can actually be very profitable. Book your tickets during especially busy times such as early-evening, mid-morning any day, or Thursday nights, Fridays or Sundays.

And if you don’t want to spend time at the airport to sit and wait to be asked to volunteer to leave your seat,you can call ahead to see if the flight is overbooked before you commute.

Let Them Know Your Seat Is Available When You Check In
You can let an airline employee know from checking in that you’re not on a tight schedule and ask to be added to the volunteer list. A lot of the time, when there is a standby list or an overbook situation, volunteers are added in the order they’re received. What this means is that if any other traveler is trying to get some of the cash flow you’re interested in, you will beat them to it.

Accept The Reality
Whether it’s unlucky timing or random selection, if you’re asked to give up your seat and offered cash because no one else would volunteer their spot, it is still best to follow instructions. In order to avoid a tense situation, do your best to negotiate the most money in return for the inconvenience of being kicked from an overbooked flight.

You should however listen and be courteous, because you are required legally to obey crew member instructions.



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