How You Can Avoid Screwing Up Valentine’s Day For That Person You Love

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Chances are you’ve had some great Valentine’s Day with that person you love and some not so great days too that resulted in you and your partner feeling emotionally downcast.

Some men practically have embarrassing and saddening attempts on that day that has a long time ripple effect.

Some of the times, it is essential we look within and discover whether we are the ones with the problem. While some of the things listed in this article is meant to make Valentine’s Day an enjoyable one for you, it goes beyond commonsense.

Also, If you’re thinking Valentine’s Day is a big capitalist sham and a trick for big stores to get you to spend excessively, you’re most likely crappy at romance and you’re only making excuses to compensate for your deficiency as a partner.

Remember The Basics
If you get the basics right, you’re just about good. Cards (some people don’t like cards but assume they do), Flowers, Some sort of plan for the evening and some kind of gift goes a long way to show love on Valentine’s day.

Chocolates are a good place to start and if you need advice on getting the basics right, then there is very little we can do to help. Put your phone down during dinner and give her good sex later at night.

Ask Her What She Wants
This is best done a while before Valentine’s Day. If you’re yet to get her a gift, you could simply have asked her without giving her an inkling.

You don’t have to walk up to her and blurt out that you have no ideas, there is however nothing wrong with nudging and saying “Honey, what kind of things do you actually like for Valentine’s Day?”

While some ladies won’t like this, as they see it as unromantic for you not to know what they want. That’s however way better than you swinging and missing.

Learn What Your Girlfriend’s Hints Sound Like
If you find it difficult to listen, then you have a problem. Listen to the words and, as best you can, interpret them into useful information on a daily basis to make your partner happy.

There are times she may mention liking or disliking something. This is important. Because if it is a thing she likes, she may want to receive it in the future! If she doesn’t like it, she won’t want it!

This also means you carefully understand and interpret certain other things. Don’t write her a song unless she really likes that. At some point in a conversation with your girlfriend you will, I promise you my friend, hear things she likes.

Know Certain Things About Her
What’s Romantic to her?  Is it a walk through a walk through a park or she likes a romantic bath? What can you do with what you’ve got that will recreate romantic moments in your history?

While you have heard that all girls like champagne and chocolates on Valentine’s Day, what brand does she like exactly? Does she like chocolate? What kind? Dark chocolate? Truffles? If she doesn’t like sweet things, is there a kind of thing she does like that’s edible that you can get?

Get The Basics of Actual Romance Together
While girls are different, and thinking is hard, it is actually fairly easy to do romantic things. You still have enough time to throw together a remarkably romantic moment. All you need do is buy some fake rose petals, get some LED candles, get into the bedroom early and put them all around.

Get a Bluetooth speaker and find out what songs she finds romantic, then have a playlist going of those very same songs. You can get some of these things as quickly as possible even if you’re the disorganized type.

This is a very basic thing you can do that will elevate you above a lot of men. This however doesn’t mean this is all you should do. It’s not only about the money, it’s about the fact your job on Valentine’s Day is to make her feel very special.

This has very little to do with “equal rights”. It is a special day, about love, and you need to show her love. She’ll do her part or she won’t, and if you’re concerned about that you’re a big baby or your relationship is at its end anyways.



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