#BBNaija Day 21: The Events That Led To The Disqualification Of Khloe And K.Brulé

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From day 1 in the big brother house, it was evident that the #bbnaija housemates have a big problem with following the rules and everything came to a head on day 21 when biggie disqualified Khloe and K.brule.

The duo got their third strike and that led to them being kicked out of the #bbnaija house. Day 21 saw biggie issue three strikes to Khloe and K.brule and Dee-one also got a strike for provocation.

Apparently, Khloe had taken things a little too far Khloe when she decided to provoke K.Brule on the night of day 20 with some harsh words. Due to this offense of provocation, Big Brother gave Khloe a Strike, putting the pair on two Strikes.

However, her lack of tact and discretion saw Khloe get the worst punishment Big Brother could give, dismissal from the #bbnaija House. She was however not the only one that had to leave, as her partner, K.brule also had to leave, thanks in part to his behaviour.

It was a terrivle night for the pair of K_Squared. K.Brule, who has been openly emotional and sensitive throughout his time in the #bbnaija House also has so blame in the matter as he also pushed Big brother too far.

Last night, after threatening to assault Dee-One as well as being called to the Diary Room numerous times and still not responding, until his fellow #bbnaija Housemates had to carry him to the Diary room.

His act of utter defiance was responsible for puting the pair on three Strikes which is what led to them being disqualified from the #bbnaija House.

It appeared Biggie was not in the mood to play any games on the night and it seems it is time that the Housemates fully realised that this is Big Brother’s House and they need to follow his rules.

A Strike was issued to Housemate Dee-One for his constant provocation in the House.

Hopefully, the remaining #bbnaija housemates in the house learn a thing or two from the events and brace themselves up to follow biggie’s rules.



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