#BBNaija 2018 Day 4: Love And Heartbreaks Are Brewing

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As expected in the #bbnaija house, some of the housemates are beginning to get cozy with each other and love and heartbreaks may be in the offing.

The duo of Miracle and Nina made history in seaaon three of #bbnaija by giving us the first kiss in the Double Wahala House. While there is no denying the fact that it apeared scripted when the two locked lips in a steamy shower, there is no denying the fact that the kiss was one for the books.

There has however being some measure of controversy surrounding the way the kiss ended, where it seems as though Miracle was pulling away.

While there has not been a second kiss in the #bbnaija house from the two housmates, we are left wondering whether the two are having a break or there is some trouble looming.

If you would recall, Nina had spoekn at length in her profile video about her love for her boyfriend. She had even made it known that due to the love she had for her boyfriend outside the #bbnaija house, she would never kiss anyone in the House unless it was an instruction from Biggie himself.

We have all seen how that ended. Nina in an emotional Diary Session spoke to Big Brother at length about how her boyfriend is probably feeling in regard to her relationship with Miracle and how she will now try to exercise self-control.

Moreover, It appears as if guilt is slowly settling in for the duo. After pulling away from the steamy kiss, it seems miracle is looking for an exit if his actions are anything to go by.

On the other side, the team of Bambam and Rico Swavey are both walking around the #bbnaija house miserably ,as they appear to be the Big Brother example of crossed communication.

BamBam jad made it known that if she had prior knowledge that she was choosing a partner for the duration of the game, she would have definitely chosen Rico Swavey with whom she shares a connection. Rico Swavey on the other hand appears to be hurt that the one person he had a connection with didn’t choose him.

How will this simple misunderstanding affect their budding relationship or will they be able to talk, make up, and walk the path to being in a relationship?

Anto and Lolu appear to jave chosekn each other, especially given the fact that they relate intellectually. It however seems there may be more to their partnership.

Big Brother explored the “other part” of their relationship in their Diary Sessions and both of them seemed to blush when asked about the other. The usually calm Lolu could be seen acting like a nervous school boy with a crush.

#BBnaija Double Wahala is beginning to live up to expectations by serving viewers with romance, intrigues and entertainment. We are waiting to see which of these couples will blossom into a full relationship as the day goes by.



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