#BBNaija 2018 Day 30: Revealing Diary Sessions

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The diary sessions of day 30 proved the fact that after all is said and done, the #bbnaija housemates realise that the Game surpasses any type of forming friendship as they revealed what motivated their Nominations.

When asked which pairs they’d Nominated, the #bbnaija Housemates’ responses varied between wanting to test who had a strong support system outside the House and wanting to eliminate those who added very little value and wouldn’t be missed when gone.

However, the general idea around the Nominations seemed to be centred around Gelah (Angel and Ahneeka) and them being closed circuits, not entirely connecting with the other #bbnaija Housemates. This idea seems to stem from the fact that Housemates are feasting on friendships and romance rather that strategically making their picks as a way of eliminating their biggest threats. eliminating their biggest threats maybe.

The save and replace stunt that Tobi, the head of house pulled caused sighs and heavy chested responses. Tobi’s choice to save Bamco (Bambam and Rico Swavey) and replace them with Ceelo (Cee-C and Lolu) made some #bbnaija Housemates uneasy.

While others understood that it might just be a strategy, Teddy A felt that it was a bit of a sour move by the HoH. He felt that should it have been Bambam, despite any quarrel, we would have chosen to keep her in the #bbnaija House instead.

Bamco also expressed their gratitude, labelling the event as ‘divine intervention’. This move might have potentially harmful repercussions as this could have been deemed as a display of heightened ambition and lack of loyalty.

Seeing as friendship seems to be the order of the day, Tobi might have more to lose, bearing in mind that other #bbnaija housemates might hold the fact that he turned his back on someone he’s shared a bed with for the past couple of week against him.

Despite the fact that the confidence of the #bbnaija housemates seems to have a boost, the Housemates had mixed feelings about who is most likely going to survive the coming evictions as the game has been somewhat unpredictable.

The Pepsi Task seems to be a mood lightener as the #bbnaija Housemates lit up when Biggie mentioned it and seem to be having bucket loads of fun. The revelation of the prices had motivated the Housemates to do better and aim higher.

Some of the housemates said they felt absolutely no tension, maybe these are just claims however, some did mention the Cee-C tobi cold war. On the other hand, the pairs are certainly sharpening the strategic moves so much so that Gelah (Angel and Ahneeka) decided to put aside their romance and focus on the matter at hand, the Gam



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