#BBNaija 2018 Day 30: Housemates Getting Fed Up Of Tasks

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The Big prizes that big brother has announced for winners of the week’s task has put the #bbnaija Housemate’s in line as they try to do all they can to win, even it means not playing fair.

After Angel revealed that one of the prizes boxes for the challenge was al all expenses paid trip to the One Africa Festival in London, the #bbnaija Housemates have feverishly been trying to get their points in for the Task.

From basically knocking Teddy A out as they all ran to the mats initially to taking post close to the mats they have now “claimed”, they all seem prepared to go the extra mile to emerge champion of the challenge.

It was not a rule in the #bbnaija House that the Housemates could stake claim to a specific mat but we all know the #bbnaija double wahala Housemates are not good at following rules. With only 6 mats and 7 pairs, it doesn’t seem like a fair way to so things and that has caused some low key contention.

Teddy A and Nina seem to be fed up with the arrangement and the task and they are making it known. As everyone is racing to the mats, the #bbnaija House’s most loved couple failed to move in protest.

Teddy A has now said that he is going to take someone’s Pepsi t-shirt and burn it due to the lack of sportsmanship in this competition. The other #bbnaija Housemates are obviously determined to be the ones that win but the methods they are trying to put in place to get there are dicey.

With the competition getting tougher by the day, how much will the #bbnaija housemates be able to hold their nerves?



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