#BBNaija 2018 Day 30: Dicey Romantic Liaisons In The House

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After the #bbnaija housemates have spent some significant time spent in the House, it was xertain that there would be one form of romance or the other in the House but this Season of Double Wahala has really thrown up much more than we expected.

It has been a guessing game with a few of the #bbnaija Housemates, as it has been difficult to know whether they are into each other or not. Ahneeka was quite the desired woman last week, as both Rico Swavey and Angel were open and vocal about trying to pursue her.

After a few shifty days however, she appears to be leaning more towards Angel. Despite this however, there has yet to be anything solidly romantic happening between them thus far.

Lolu and Anto have also had people questioning if they are in fact a Big Brother Naija couple or not. While Lolu’s intentions are clear, Anto seems to be on some on and off ish with him. On the morning of day 30, she seemed very much loved up on the bed, sharing kisses and cuddles to boot.

Even though it is evident that there is something physical between Alex and Leo, it is unclear as to whether or not there are any legitimate feelings from either side. Leo has always said that it is just a strategic thing but as the day passes, they get closer. He also appeared to be visibly shook when Alex and Tobi chose not to save him during yesterday’s Nominations.

While all the #bbnaija housemates above happen to be on the fence, there are those where everything is as clear as day. Nina and Miracle have been evidently romantically connected from Day one in the #bbnaija House and even though Nina is in a relationship outside of the House, time is proving that there are real feelings developing between the beautiful pair.

Teddy A and BamBam had a very rocky start to their pairing as she was undoubtedly into him while he was trying to play it cool, however, recent events in the House have proved that they are definitely an item of some kind.

Cee-C and Tobi have always been a source of contention in the #bbnaija House. In a classic case of turning tables, he was into her, she played hard to get and he got over it. Now Cee-C seems lost and that seems to have ruffled more than a few feathers.

Time will surely tell how much of what we are witnessing is real.



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