#BBNaija 2018 Day 29: Housemates And Their Contradictory Actions

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From the minute the #bbnaija Housemates knew they would be coming to the house, they had very firm views of themselves and the things that they would and wouldnt do for the game. While a lot of us found their profile video interesting, there has however been a number of contradictions.

The first and most obvious contradiction of them all was when Nina clearly stated that she has a serious boyfriend outside the #bbnaija House and she also said that she would never do anything with another guy unless Big brother explicitly asked her to.

Despite her emphatic statement, Nina was the first one to lock lips in the #bbnaija House with Miracle on day two – and in the Show!

Another Lady in the #bbnaija House who has contradicted herself in the same manner is Cee-C. Before she entered the #bbnaija house, she said she is completely unattached, she was not married, in a relationship or even in a friends with benefits situation.

However, since her time in the house, she has spoken at length about her supposed “best friend” outside the House and how much she misses him.

bambam had spoken in her interview before entering the house that she definitely did not want a relationship in the House. Once in the House, she spoke about how she could not date Teddy A as he has smoked and has tatoos. A few weeks later, the story changed and she is inseparable with him.

Other #bbnaija Housemates who have contradicted themselves about their own personalities are Anto and Lolu. In her interview before entering the House, Anto said she cannot stand people who talk too much and that people who are always talking must just shut up. Anto is the type that loves to chat and be heard.

Lolu had said in his interview that spontaneity is one of the things that best describes him, but keen followers of the show will agree that we are yet to see that side of him. However it maybe due to the fact that he has recieved two strikes and he is trying to play safe.

However his personality and character are pretty much the antithesis of spontaneous.

Angel who happens to be the opinionated one in the #bbnaija house has made it clear that he was extremely stubborn in his personality and he doesn’t like people that push their pattern of thinking on him.

It however seems love is transformative because Angel seems to be changing for the better thanks to Ahneeka. He made it known during one of the numerous chats that he has never met anyone who really wants to help him grow and improve as a person as much as Ahneeka does.

With so much contradictions from the #bbnaija housemates, hope they take out time to reflect and watch their videos to become better individuals.



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