#BBNaija 2018 Day 25: Tobi And Cee-C Try To Patch Things Up

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The Tobi and Cee-C love story in the #bbnaija house has been an entertaining one similar to a bestseller romantic novel. Their tale is one full of really high highs that almost had both throw off their individual games and very low lows that were lower than low.

After the two #bbnaija housemates threw shades at each other on day 24, we were led to believe that there might be hope because it looked like both parties were trying to justify their actions without giving the narrative away.

There was still a bit of doubt though because Tobi’s behaviour was totally different from what we are used to. From having the word ‘sorry’ at the tip of his tongue to only half accepting the half said ‘sorry’ from Cee-C, it seems his strategy is working well for him.

Tobi’s withdrawal seems to have sprung from his apparent inability to trust Cee-C because of a statement she made. According to Tobi’s in-house sources, Cee-C mentioned something about being touched inappropriately and this didn’t sit well with him, hence his walking out on her on pairing day.

The conversation the duo had in the #bbnaija house on day 25 was most likely meant to help the former pair iron things out and rid their relationship of unnecessary issues but the outcome was an unexpected one, more so on Cee-C’s because she seemed to have expected a quick resolution, which didn’t happen.

Tobi listed at least three things that he didn’t approve of, one of them being how she always overreacts and later blames him for it. Cee-C on her part kept trying to construct a valid argument but ended up mentioning how she thought Tobi’s feelings were probably not real from the beginning.

She went on to advice him to go ahead and be free of her, after asking him if he regrets his experience with her in the #bbnaija House to which he responded no.

Furthermore, when Cee-C argued her case and reminded Tobi that she was only human and bound to make mistakes, he reminded her that she can’t expect to act and avoid a reaction.

He seems to be making her understand that he ia human too and found it difficult to trust her, saying he now felt the need to always be careful when around her.

Cee-C also mentioned something about growing up in a home where cheating was the order of the day and how she consequently has trust issues when it comes to her sentimental life. Her words seem to point to the fact that she expects a lot of patience and Tobi seems to have lost it all.

It’s obvious that the issues raised in their long conversations run deeper and far beyond the walls of the Big Brother House. His fears and her insecurities. It’s clear that it will take more than just a regular conversation to clear the air. We wait to see if they will be strong enough to put their issues to rest.



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