#BBNaija 2018 Day 25: Housemates Happy To Have Their Babies Back

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The #bbnaija Housemates showed an enormous amount of respite when the Ninjas came to deliver them from the shackles of unexpected parenthood by returning the children to Biggie. Perhaps in the spirit of the week’s “Be Responsible” theme, Biggie did his best to poke and tease the #bbnaija housemates in hopes that they would have a fun time taking care of the babies.

Biggie made it clear that he was intent on ensuring that all the #bbnaija housemates had a taste on the practice of parenthood. It turned out to be an amazing experience that can become tedious when unplanned. The silence eas deafening ehen Big brother announced he eas getting the babies back, even as the #bbnaija Housemates sighed of relief as their eyes rolled in wonder.

As a result of this, Head of House Miracle briefed his peers about their next Task, which is said is based on raising awareness to the society. The #bbnaija Housemates were tasked with devising a poem praising the benefits of using protection for sexually active adults.

They were also assigned with composing an original song on the benefits of Planned Parenthood, in addition to scripting a talk encouraging the use of condoms and abstinence among the youth. The new Task was welcomed with much enthusiasm, as the #bbnaija Housemates seemed to revel in the chance to flaunt their individual talents and mend their broken bonds.

Upon Teddy A’s suggestion, the #bbnaija Housemates divided into three separate groups to work on each segment of the Task. Music lovers Bambam, Cee-C, Rico Swavey and Teddy A gathered around the kitchen counter to arrange their rhymes on paper.

Alex, Leo and Ifu took the poetry challenge to the bedroom. At the long kitchen table, under Miracle and Lolu’s unfazed gaze, Tobi, Anto and Ahneeka engaged in a heated debate to jot down their ideas for their vibrant plea.

We eait with bated breath to see howz this task will rebalance the dynamics in the house.



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