#BBNaija 2018 Day 24: Tobi And Cee-C Throw Shades At Each Other

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Not more than a week ago, it seemed like like Cee-C had Tobi by an unbreakable leash in the #bbnaija house, but it now seems like the two former love birds have no care in the world. have switched roles and it’s completely out of control.

If the shade thrown by the two is anything to go by, it may be difficult for them to get back to where they were. The night of day 23 saw the babies that biggie introduced into the #bbnaija house wailing uncontrollably and the inexperienced parents letting out deep sighs.

The trio of Angel, Tobi and Cee-C were gisting about a couple of nothings and based on their body language, both Tobi and Cee-C were uncomfortable. Angel took things deeper by veering the discussion into the murky waters of relationships.

Tobi soon hyped him up and said that the magic phrase to say when courting a girl and dealing with a problem is “I’m sorry”, to which Cee-C shyly agreed.

The shades took a new dimension during the parenting conversation they all had out in the porch. It was clear that this gist was a tool for both #bbnaija housemates to exchange occult messages without giving anything away.

Cee-C made it known that she felt it was important that a man gets to know her before rushing into a relationship and how her independence has served as a sift because most men cannot handle what they believe is a defect in her character.

Tobi soon clapped back by mentioning how he felt it was very important for beauty to be accompanied by character to which Cee-C laughingly commented “We women can see through a man that just wants sex”.

This was a low blow, and Tobi mentioned to Miracle while the two were conversing that Cee-C was making it seem like he’s after her goodies; refering to a t-shirt incident they had one night.

It was quite obvious that the three #bbnaija housemates were having a full on conversation while dodging any direct contact or reference. The two have however done their best to remain as civil as possible to each other.

Whether they are being pretentious or they are making a genuine effort, the awkwardness could be seen by all. Cee-C is most likely trying to get back into Tobi’s good books while he seems to be telling her subtly that she has lost him. It is left to be seen, if they will ever get back to the way they were.



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