#BBNaija 2018 Day 20: Angel Switches From Ahneeka To Princess

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If youre a keen follower of #bbnaija 2018, you will know that Angel has had his eyes set on Ahneeka for the past three weeks but it seems all that is about to change.

When Angel entered the House, he said he would be the ‘voice of reason’ and that he was a very logical person. It appears too much reason may have hurt his chances of wooing female Housemates.

From the start, Angel has been acting like he is a step above all the other #bbnaija housemates and like he knows much more than all of them combined. Ironically, the same Angel had once admitted that one of the things that most irritated him were ‘people trying to enforce their opinion as law”.

It is undeniable that Angel is endowed with a winner’s physique, with a strength that speak to his fitness regime. But he hasn’t had an easy time ever since Ninjas took his guitar away from him. Without his guitar to entertain him, Angel had to reinvent a strategy.

His strategy for reinvention seems to bully Ahneeka in such a way that she will end up liking him. He was however wrong as his target snapped him back into place in a blink of an eye, before rolling away from him.

Earlier Ahneeka had hinted that she was opened to the possibility of dating during her stay in the #bbnaija house, just to spice things up and as long as no one knew it. Yet everyone knew that Ahneeka would only flinch for Teddy A.

More so, Ahneeka has made no secret that she felt Ifu-Ennada had sensed sparkles in her relation with Angel, and Ahneeka didn’t want any catfight over Angel, whom she obviously thinks isn’t worth it.

Despite the muscled exterior, it appears there is a tender heart inside of Angel which only shares confidences with Ifu-Ennada. Though socially awkward, it seems he has decided to change direction and set his eyes on Princess if recent happenings are anything to go by.

How this evolves and affects the social dynamics between the trio in the #bbnaija house would be seen in the days to come.



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