#BBNaija 2018 Day 16: The Confrontation Before The Freeze Task

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The #bbnaija House appeared to be in a lively mood on the morning of day 16 but not a few knew that the mood would soon turn to one of anger and confrontation.

All the #bbnaija housemates were gradually getting used to their new pairings and bonding until Dee-One disturbed the peace, and things went downhill from there.

Dee-One had been chained to Nina since the early hours of the morning, and Nina not being particularly talkative with him, after breakfast he dragged her back to the bedroom for some genuine sleep time.

After a short while, in her capacity as Head of House, Khloe gathered the #bbnaija Housemates around the kitchen table for they were sleeping too much according to her, and not giving value to Big Brother.

All the #bbnaija housemates were present ,even though some like Lolu seemed aloof and slumped into a chair in an apparently sluggish manner.

Khloe was intent on whipping the House back into delivering the best entertainment and she wanted them to brainstorm and devise ways to spice things up.

It was at that moment thay the pair of Dee-One and Nina arrived, and having come last, Angel threw in a scornful remark that #bbnaija Housemates couldn’t sleep all day.

In what seemed like a split second, Dee-One went haywire, shouting back in a callous voice that no one had the right to tell him that he couldn’t sleep. An ever ready Angel rose from his chair sticking his chest out and shouted series of insults from the top of his lungs.

Some of the #bbnaija Housemates were scared away and took shelter into other rooms. Dee-One had exploded into a rage that only grumpy fellows have, even as he smashed his fist on the table to make his point better heard by all.

The outburst however spoiled the spirit of the House, but the good thing is at no point did Khloe lose her cool as head of house. She soon ordered Dee-One to step away for he was causing wahala.

All the while Nina looked spooked and she shielded herself behind Dee-One all through the altercation, until he walked away from the kitchen with Nina in his silent shadow.

Perhaps infuriated with all the gibberish and noise, big brother struck for the second time by asking the #bbnaija housemates to freeze.



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