#BBNaija 2018 Day 15: Recap As Khloe Becomes New Head Of House

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The past two weeks in the #bbnaija house has been a less than rosy one for the housemates as they had to battle with fears and regrets of their actions.

As a matter of fact, some of the #bbnaija housemates wished they had opted for another game that eas more easier than the house that seems to be sapping their energy.

Although the #bbnaija Housemates seem to be quite good at shaking off their losses, the thought of leaving the House glories behind and dragging themselves to the real world scared almost all of them.

There was so much tension and clenched muscles evident despite the fake smiles and calm dispositions of the housemates.

However, despite the tension, Ahneeka was still able to show her ‘I don’t tolerate this’ side when Angel apologised for jokingly calling her Acneeka, referring to the very condition she’s mentioned was the worst thing that could have happened at this point in her media career. Angel obviously pressed the wrong button and had an earful of words for his action.

Biggie soon decided to add salt to injury by making the Fake Eviction process as real as possible. The #bbnaija Housemates had their ‘final’ diary session before their fate could be announced.

They all revealed just how grateful they were for the opportunity and felt they had much to offer in hopes that viewers can keep them longer in the #bbnaija house.

Khloe seemed to be the most affected by the potential eventualities but she never failed mention just how much the other Housemates would miss her because she’s “fun”.

The Live show was an absolute emotion wringer but as soon as the #bbnaija housemates found out that it was a non-eviction week, there seemed to be an air of new found energy; but little did we know that they’d go on and break yet another rule.

After shedding a few tears and celebrating the extension of their ‘vacation’, the Housemates were summoned to the Arena for the HoH qualifiers.

From the ladies, Ifu Ennada, Bambam and Khloe managed to qualify while it was sheer disgrace for the guys as they were all disqualified; again, due to their disregard for Biggie’s rules.

The failure of the men was a good opening that Khloe fully utilised. She battled it out against Ifu ennada and she came out victorious to be crowned Queen Khloe of the #bbnaija house.



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