#BBNaija 2018 Day 15: The Food Task Brings Out The Wild Side Of The Housemates

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The Nominations that hapened on day 15 in the #bbnaija house was a huge surprise to everyone as biggie played a fast one on the housemates. While everyone was still trying to get over the shock, big brother soon had the #bbnaija housemates participate in a challenging food task.

It’s no secret that all the #bbnaija Housemates love food. You can always find them eating it, talking about it and complaining when they don’t have it.
Perhaps as a reault of this, big beother decided to use their love for food as a task but in a reverse manner.

Biggie provided the #bbnaija housemates with bizarre and rather disgusting food that they either had to eat or “wear”.

The Task seemed like the most idea thing for the #bbnaija housemates to express their crazy side and they sure did come into it with full force.

From the moment the lid of the bowl containing chicken feet and heads was opened, Alex started screaming. She looked as though she was about to cry and was visibly having a low key panic attack. She then proceeded to gag and almost vomit until her partner for the Task, Lolu, literally forced her mouth shut and made her swallow it.

The need for a win in the #bbnaija House was evident by the persistence the Housemate’s brought to the task. Rico Swavey and K.Brule also gave a little performance as they gagged and K.Brule looked as though his world had just ended.

After the #bbnaija housemates managed to complete the task, big brother gave them some niceties for being patient and persistent at the task. Immediately after the task, biggie gabe them some food supplies as well as some cigarettes and this definitely lightened the mood.

Despite the fact that there was a bit of a clash between Khloe and Princess, everyone seemed to just brush it off and chill.

It appears like it is going to be an intense week in the #bbnaija House so at least they are stocked up to refuel when the need arises. Dee-One and Leo began to make everyone laugh while they puffed away the stress of the passing day.



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