Are The Battery Life Claims Of Laptops Overstated?

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One thing that is the primary concern of every laptop user is whether or not their battery will last long enough for them to complete an assigned task.

It has been discovered that manufacturers of laptops tend to overstate their battery life, but measuring it meaningfully can be challenging.

Trusting the processor speed or memory capacity on the specification sheet of your new laptop is a fairly safe bet, but when it comes to the battery life, how much can you estimate? Some manufacturers’ claims about how long their laptops can go without a charge are overstated.

A number of battery tests carried out by the United Kingdom based consumer products review website suggests that some laptop makers claim a battery life that’s 50 percent longer than their batteries actually last under real-world conditions.

Among the findings is that the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 lasted just under four hours, despite Dell’s claims by Dell that the laptop battery can survive up to seven. At the other end of the spectrum was Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro, whose battery lasted two hours longer than Apple advertised.

The company made it known that they believe that the tests they carried out are a true representative of the real world use that a laptop would get. They also concluded that the figures they arrived at are often drastically different to the manufacturer claims, which makes us wonder how they arrived at their own estimates.

Of course, the discrepancy between an independent battery life test and a manufacturer’s claim is only a problem for you, the prospective computer owner, whether or not your “real world” use matches the tester’s “real world.”

What this means is actively browsing the web over a Wi-Fi connection until the battery is depleted. There are lots of variables in such a scenario, however, including the browser version and the individual websites accessed during the test.

Recognizing that each user subjects their laptops to different tasks throughout a typical day, the standardised test made use of a standardized battery rundown test that supports all operating systems, including Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, Android, and OS X.

The results showed that for the 13-inch MacBook Pro which went for 11 hours and 53 minutes aligned closely with those from other independent testers. Also, it was discovered that the Inspiron 15 5000 lasted 5 hours and 8 minutes, about an hour longer than some independent testers claimed.

However, Dell has so far not made any specific battery life claim on the Inspiron 15 5000 website.



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