All The Unspoken Rules You Should Follow When Having A Drink With Your Boss

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It is pretty difficult knowing the right things to do when your boss invites you out for a drink because not following certain rules can land you in trouble.

For a number of reasons, your boss could invite you out to a celebratory cocktail after you have been particularly good at work and the realization that you are going for a drink with someone that could decide your fate at the company hits you.

Take a few steps back and read through the set of unspoken rules that are essential for an outing of this magnitude. Abide by these rules and you will do just fine.

Allow Your Boss Pick The Place And Time
If your boss is the one that invited you, then allow him/her pick the place. If the decision is however passed to you, it is important you have an appropriate place in mind. Don’t go for a place below par or a place that is overly expensive. Stick to a place that is simple and nice and ensure that the time is comfortable for your boss.

You Need to Order A Mature Drink
No matter how much you like some sort of cheap drink, it is best you order something respectable. You are drinking with someone who is currently under the impression that you are a respectable adult and as such, you should place your order like one.

Order a glass of wine, a decent beer, gin, whiskey or try an old-fashioned cocktail that never fails. And try not to make a face when you sip it just because it doesn’t taste like candy.

Ensure You Offer to Pay
This is perhaps a nice thing to do. It’s the nice thing to do. Go ahead and make the gesture by reaching for your wallet or purse. But hesitate long enough because you know that…

Your Boss Should Always Pay
If your boss is the one that invited you out, then the onus falls.on them to pick up the bills. Even if you are the one that initiated the meeting, they earn above you and they know it. As such, they should be the one to pick up the bills.

Never Drink More Than Your Boss
You sure don’t want to pass of the wrong impression. Keep the same pace as your boss and sip rather than slurp. That said, if your boss happens to be a bit of a drinker, there is no need for you to feel like you need compete with them.

You are having an after-work drink, not some sort of drink competition. You have nothing to prove to them.

You Can Be The First To Leave
You should wait an hour before leaving. The best thing you can do is to give a pre-determined excuse such as the fact that you have a family or religious gathering to attend and that you can’t afford to be late.

Never Talk About Other Employees
Restrict your chatter to work and work only. Talk about your work. Talk about your big ideas. Talk about your wish for a greater variety of tea in the office kitchen. But don’t ever talk about other people at work.



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