Three Unique Ways You Probably Never Knew You Can Enjoy Your Watermelon

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The watermelon is one of the sweetest and nutritious fruits that exists on earth but very few of us know that it can be eaten in a number of different ways.

When it comes to enjoying this fruit, the only way most people know how to eat them is to wash and cut them us into delightful slices.

Very few pleasures are as gratifying as sitting outside and taking a huge bite of a thick wedge of watermelon, with the juice dripping unnoticed down your chin. The juiciness, the deep, distinctive pink colour, and the bracing cold of watermelon all combine to make this fruit a “perfect outdoor food.”

You can brighten your watermelon horizons by experimenting with a number of different ways of enjoying this fruit that are just as delicious and refreshing—but just a little neater than that gorgeously sloppy wedge. Try these other ideas to work this hydrating fruit onto your plate in new ways.

Watermelon-Feta-Herb Salad
This is a classic Israeli dish and is common in Israel and countries along the Mediterranean. The sweet-savory combination of this salad will not only surprise you, but you’d also be delighted by it. All you need to do is to combine crumbled feta cheese with chunks of watermelon, and sprinkle on top, any choice of chopped herbs.

Furthermore, you can choose to use a classic accompaniment in mint, but basil and even dill can offer the same delicious options. A combination of herbs can also offer a dynamic flavour. Just drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and enjoy your meal!

Watermelon Salsa
This fruit is the perfect ingredient to include in a fresh, light salsa which you can enjoy with chips or on grilled fish.

Cut the watermelon into small pieces and combine with any seasonal salsa ingredients that you like. These may include; mango, jalapeño pepper, basil, cilantro, and red onions.

Drizzle with lime or lemon juice, sprinkle with salt, and gently stir together. Allow the salsa to sit for at least 30 minutes before serving so the flavours can mingle and sip in well.

Watermelon Agua Fresca
This can literally be translated from Spanish to mean “fresh water”. Aqua frescas are simple, cooling drinks that hydrate and replenish.

To make one of them from juicy watermelon, run about 4 cups of the fruit made into cubes through a blender with a cup of water and a big pinch of sugar. Strain the liquid into a container and stir in the juice after adding two limes. Refrigerate until cold and serve topped with a splash of club soda or sparkling water.

And there you have it. Do you know of any other ways to enjoy your watermelon?



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