Three Things You Should Avoid To Get The Best Out Of Your Bourbon (Whiskey)

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Bourbon is perhaps one of the most contentious issue for drinkers as a lot of people struggle to understand this complex liquor. Bourbon whiskey is a type of American whiskey, a barrel-aged distilled spirit made primarily from corn. The name is derived from the French Bourbon dynasty Bourbon and has been distilled since the 18th century.

The use of the term “bourbon” for the whiskey has been traced to the 1820s, and the term began to be used consistently in Kentucky in the 1870s.

Instead of trying to figure out the complex and intimidating world of bourbon on your own, you can simply choose to discover some of the simple rules that can help you have a good time drinking it. There are all kinds of “rules” when it comes to enjoying a glass of bourbon, but we have gathered a few of the rules that will be helpful to you when you choose to take this drink.

Never Spend Too Much On A Bottle
There are a number of exceptions to the rule of not spending too much on a bottle of bourbon. But generally, you should never Spend more than 10,000 Naira on a bottle. For example, every whiskey lover would be thrilled to get his or her hands on a bottle of cool bourbon but generally speaking, there’s no need to break the bank when looking for a drinkable bourbon.

You can find a good bottle of bourbon for less than 5,000 Naira and since you will be drinking it, why not save your money for the inevitable drunchies?

Never Drink Your Bourbon Neat Only
A lot of people that are bourbon purists will tell you that the sweet, slightly smoky elixir of this whiskey is only good for drinking neat. Some will even have you believe that you had best not even add ice!

While it may be a foolproof way to enjoy bourbon, that is definitely not the only way to. Never be afraid to add ice or a little bit of water to open the full potential of your beloved whiskey. Mixing it is also encouraged as there are hundreds of bourbon cocktails out there for a reason.

You can also add bourbon into your desserts too. Holiday treats usually require a bit of booze which may be chocolatey bourbon ball or a delightfully cold and creamy Bourbon, Vanilla and Chocolate Milk Shake.

Avoid Telling People How To Drink Their Bourbon
It is important that you avoid judging anyone’s drinking technique when it comes to this whiskey. It can be pretty tempting to want to tell people how that bourbon, aged for 10 years shouldn’t be tainted by apple juice or Coke—or with anything else, for that matter.

The truth however is that people can and will drink their whiskey whatever way they want. Most bourbon distillers and experts agree that bourbon makes a killer base spirit for all kinds of cocktails. As such, instead of making someone feel bad about the drinks they like, enjoy your neat glass of bourbon the best way you know how to.



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  1. You should never spend more than $28US on a bottle of bourbon? Then how come the four bourbons you depict in the article are $40+? You should be spending $15 or less on a bottle? Jeez. I get it that everyone has their own budget and I certainly know of very good bourbons below $15 but my “sweet spot” is $50/bottle and at that price point, you have access to 98% of all the best bourbons available in America.

    Worst article I’ve read so far. Where do they get these writers?

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