The Things You’re Worried She’s Scared About But She Isn’t

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Men sometimes worry if they are good enough for the women they’re having a relationship with but a lot of the times, our fears are unfounded.

Women are sensitive creatures that are more concerned about love and how much a man can provide them with emotional and material presence than a lot of other things.

As a matter of fact, a lot of women are concerned that men most times focus their efforts on the things that they believe they want to hear, instead of doing the things that most women would love to see.

While you may be worried that she’s disturbed about your short term memory loss, she’s basically more aware of your intentions and actions than the things you say. Here are some things that your girlfriend probably never worries about but you’re worried about.

Acknowledging And Complimenting Other Women
Women don’t expect their boyfriends to be completely blind to women as they, themselves have a number of celebrities or political figures they’re crushing on.

Women however expect you to be able to draw a line between being playful and disloyalty. Sliding into another girls DMs or chatting one up on Facebook is usually seen as disloyalty by women who will think you’re dissatisfied with them.

Most women however don’t have a problem with you acknowledging and complimenting another woman so long as you treat them with enough respect, compassion and daily affirmation, without crossing the line to make her feel threatened.

Forgetting Tiny Details
Women know that men have a lot on their minds most of the time and don’t really bother when you forget tiny details such as her favourite song or the place she enjoys shopping that basically changes all the time.

These details are usually very small in the larger scheme of things and they know they have to remind you of such things.
She would however be more concerned if you forget her daily schedule such as if she’s an early riser or the types of food that she’s allergic to.

The fact is if you know her well enough, you know the things that make her the person she is and you definitely shouldn’t be forgetting those things.

Having Female Friends
Having Female friends asides the person you’re dating is tricky but it is serves as an indication to your girlfriend that you treat women good enough for them to want to be around you.

If you’re worried about the fact that she seems to have a problem with females being around you, it’s probably because she has a problem with you leaving things strictly at a platonic level with other women.

If you’re sincere with your actions, the best thing to do is to reassure your woman or go ahead and take her on a hangout with your female friend.

Not Having A Car
While it may be true that a lot of women around this clime want the comfort that comes with their boyfriends having a car, some are pretty much in bothered whether there is one or not.

A number of women are concerned with whether you will be able to handle the maintenance costs instead of taking on something you can’t afford.

Women would generally prefer to have an interesting conversation with you than take a ride in an expensive car where they will find it difficult to put their feet on the dashboard.

The Size Of Your Manhood
A lot of men brag about the size of their penises and quite a lot of women are least concerned about the size, but more concerned about how long you can stay in for them to get off.

Your girlfriend is probably concerned with whether you know what you’re doing as opposed to the size of your member. More so, she probably wants you to prolong foreplay as long as possible and as little care about how long you can go.

Your Money
There are definitely women who want men that can take care of every single one of their expenses, but most women genuinely enjoy their independence.

Furthermore, a lot of women are turned off by cock men who are always flaunting their wealth. Being gainfully employed is a plus for you as your girlfriend probably loves you because while you’re proud of the fact that you work hard, you’re also humble with your achievements.



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