All The Things You Don’t Need To Buy When You’re Going On An Air Trip

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Going on a trip can be quite anxiety inducing, which can easily lead you to thoughtless buy things that are both important and unnecessary.

Unfortunately however, Airlines and other businesses are always quick to take advantage by persuading travellers that they need to buy certain services, products or upgrades.

While there are a number of things you may actually need such as beverages, neck pillows and noise-cancelling headphones to drown out the crying infant behind you, not all are important on your trip.
Here are a number of things you will be a fool to buy when you are on a trip.

Upgraded Seat
If you’re stuck with a middle seat and really wanted a window or aisle seat, chances are you would want to change your seat online. Unfortunately however, most of the seats that will be available will come with a price tag attached.

It’s not necessary to purchase a better seat if you’re prompted to do so. There is a high possibility that someone on the plane will also want to move such as a separated couple who would prefer to be seated together—and you can swap.

More so, people tend to miss flights all the time, which means that planes don’t always fill up. Airline crew members are typically lenient when it comes to moving people around if there are indeed free seats after everyone boards. You can also ask to change your seat when you check in. You can warm your way into their hearts by complimenting the attendant on their smile, glasses or nails.

There is also a high chance that if you sit up in an empty seat in first class, too, no one will be bothered to check that you’re really supposed to be there. You should however be sure that you’re not sitting in anyone else’s seat.

Fancy Airplane Meals
It could be you don’t like what the airline served or you just want to eat more than one meal, because they don’t fill you up. There is no need for you to pay for a special or extra meal. After everyone has been served, most airline crew members will be more than willing to give you what’s left over. Especially if the person serving is the one you complimented earlier.

Checked Luggage
A lot of airlines will actually get you to pay for your checked bag these days. If you however have the money book first-class tickets, which will typically offer you a free checked bag, you can purchase it.

Better still, do a better job packing and then you won’t have to worry about checking any bags at all.

Travel Insurance
Theoretically, travel insurance, in theory, is a life saver. There are certain types of travel insurance that allows you to cancel an otherwise nonrefundable trip, reimbursing 75 to 90 percent of the cost.

Travel insurance can also help to cover a large portion of expenses if you need medical evacuation following an emergency. But it costs, on average, four to eight percent of the total trip cost.

You should as such think about the type of trip you’re going on and if getting the travel insurance is essential. If you’re travelling internationally—and especially on an adventurous trip with a high risk of injury—emergency medical and evacuation coverage might be wise, assuming you have no previous cover. Domestic travel that will likely not change your plans don’t need one.

International Phone Plan
If you’re on a short-term trip, then an international roaming plan is suitable. If you’re leaving the country for more than a week or two, however, it’s probably smarter to buy a cheap phone overseas or just keep your phone on airplane mode and only use it when you’re on Wi-Fi.

A number of service providers offer otherwise cheap international phone plans that when you calculate all the hidden charges including astronomical roaming fees, you may end up spending more on your phone bills than your entire trip.

In some cases, it’d actually be cheaper to purchase a SIM card overseas or a prepaid phone.



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