All The Things You Should Be Able To Do With Your Car

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The simple truth is that owning a car is pretty sweet and interesting and not one you will like to take for granted but what responsibilities should you expect? It is important for anyone that has pride in their automobile to have at least a basic understanding of how to operate it and how to rectify certain problems that may arise.

Whether you are buying a car for the first time or you’ve owned one for a while, the following skills are critical and could even save your life, or at least get you out of a jam, one day.

Pre-Set the Radio
You don’t have to be a tech wizard to know this. You should be able to preset your favourite radio stations lined up, plugged in, even in a sort of order, with which to entertain your passengers. You have to learn both the skills of an that of a DJ.

Check and Top Off Fluids
You should be able to check and Top other essential fluids that are key to maintaining one’s automobile. From brakes to power steering to coolant, you should at least know how to check them and top them off if need be.

Change a Tyre
This is one of the routine things a car owner should know and the biggest hurdle in completing this task these days is the jack. Car manufacturers are making more smaller jacks to take up less space which has made their operations even more trickier to master.

More so, cracking those lug nuts with your well spanner can take up your energy and swapping the tyre with the hole in it for the donut is something you should master.

Jump the Battery
If you own a car, you shouldn’t be the one to ask “what is red and what is black” question. Jump start cables are no laughing matter, especially since they will be linking two running automobiles together, ultimately.

It is a dangerous exercise and you should resist the temptation to clank both grips together and cause that spark, like most men do. You should be more worried about getting the car running and getting to your destination safely.

Drive Stick
Every good driver that has driven manual and automatic transmissions will tell you it usually comes in handy to know how to operate the former. Knowing how to take your car from first gear to second, and ultimately to fifth or sixth, and how to work the clutch and gas simultaneously, is an art form and you’d be glad you know how to on the long run.

Get Unstuck
Have a small shovel handy in your car for when your car gets stuck in mud to help dig and maybe add. If it’s mud that’s got you stuck, your rubber floor mat properly inserted beneath the tire in question just might give you that second of traction you need.

However, avoid pinning at full speed. Just enough acceleration will get you out of the jam otherwise, you will send your rubber floor mat flying quite some distance.

Replace Wiper Blades
While this task seems miniscule, depending on the model of your automobile, it can be confounding. You can however get some admirable looks from your woman when you tell her “Your blades have worn out, you’ve gotta be able to see out there, baby,” and proceed to swap hers out within minutes. You will surely get something worthwhile as appreciation for your effort.

Change the Oil
This is complicated and very few car owners venture into this territory. It is however good to know how to do it. It’s one screw being undone and draining the engine of that old gunky oil that’s gotta go.

Disposing that old oil can be a challenge and you should be environmentally conscious with it. You should however know the oil grade your car requires as the slightest slip-up here could result in you eating the cost of a engine.

Monitor Tyre Pressure
You have perhaps noticed that one tyre seems lower than the other three, and that every time you fill it back up it just returns to that saggy state. You should have a professional check it for you but it is still important that you are able to check your tyre pressures with either analog or electronic gauges.

You shouldn’t always rely on the warning sign on your dashboard and you rely more on your eyes when it comes to your tyres.



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