Some Of The Tell-Tale Signs That Shows That You Are With The Right Woman

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Getting to know whether a woman you are seeing is “the right one” or not is nothing like what you see on romantic television shows. There is no exact cute moment, or thing that needs to be said or done and voila, a light shines down from the skies and you know what you have to do.

There are however a number of tell-tale signs that you as a man, can watch out for. Such signs are cues which indicate that you just may have found the woman that is worth keeping.

You Share Some Interests
If you find yourself and the woman you are with having things that the two of you enjoy doing, she may be the one. Beyond the two of you enjoying it, such interests need to extend to things like family. How much do you both value those connections and support each other with them?

No one wants a sulking spouse every time mom’s coming over. She has to understand that you just might have some mama’s boy in you.

You Get Along Smoothly
This is important because logic clearly dictates that if you can’t get along smoothly, you surely can’t live well together. There is however more to it.

Being able to share a hotel bathroom and not freak out about the close quarters or stay calm when an unruly concierge isn’t treating you as well as you feel you should be treated are some of the things that show you both get along smoothly. These things give a great indication about what home life might be like.

She Makes You Better
If you find yourselves both ecstatic over something that may seem insignificant to her but she’s willing to tag along, just to make you happy, you have found a keeper. Chances are you probably already know this.

You Can Be Yourself
Changing your attitude when she is around is not a good sign. This has nothing to do with energy levels but any indication that you are tweaking your personality around her means there is a problem.

There is a huge difference between having good manners and actually feigning interest in something you find totally absurd. That’s unfair to both of you. If you can freely air your opinions around her, you’ve got a keeper.

You Feel The Same Way About Children
It’s always be bad idea to accept it when your woman says “It’s OK, maybe you’ll change your mind,” especially on something as crucial as having kids since it means she will get you to accept what she wants on the long run.

How does she behave around other people’s kids? Do they get on her nerves? Does she take them very seriously by asking all sorts of probing questions? Does she let loose and act like a kid herself? Whatever her actions are, can you relate?

Apologising Is Never Difficult
If you are in your early twenties and hot on the dating scene, it is some what normal for you to deem apologies trivial and unnecessary. A day will however come when you will make a serious mess of things and she will need to hear “I’m sorry” from you.

You should be able to do it without feeling like it is an impossible chore. And she should, too.

You Get Reminders Often
If you find all sorts of bizarre little things reminding you either of her, or of something you did together, then that’s a huge sign that she is the right woman. It could be a couple holding hands an walking on the streets, a particular blouse she favours or overhearing someone say the exact same words she uses on you, that’s an epic sign.

If almost everything is a reminder, you’ve found the right one. You might not have even been looking.

Silence Doesn’t Seem So Awkward
Feeling that every moment needs to be full of conversation is a bad sign as y surely would have your work cut out for you. If you can chill out and she allows you to, that’s a good sign.

Don’t be hustling to fill silences that she doesn’t even want to be filled. What’s more, if you find out that your phone is more interesting than her or she, hers, you may want to take a step back and assess the situation.

Your Eyes Don’t Wander Around Anymore
If you’re a flirt that loves to increase his body count and you find out you’ve lost interest in that life, she may be the one. Know that if your change is not due to this new woman in your life threatening you on a daily basis about any sort of transgression, or grabbing every other woman she sees you talk to, or even just look sideways ready to fight, you’ve got a keeper in your hands.

The fact is that your player switch has gone off and you find yourself just interested in the random woman you’re with, while literally sweat blowing what you have. This is good sign.



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