The Style Trends Women Hope Men Give Up On In 2018

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2017 was a year for the books as a lot of style trends came up but women are hoping that men give up quite a number of those trends in 2018. Some of the craziest things happened in 2017 such as La La Land mistakenly winning the Academy Award for Best Picture over Moonlight, before the awkward revocation of the award, dozens of entertainment and media personalities were called out over sexual misdeeds and the world appeared to basically be throwing dogmas to the winds.

This perhaps necessitated a paradigm shift in the fashion styles of men, with men getting a makeover; and some pretty funny style trends such as the romper trend, and fanciful socks in full blast. In as much as it appeared that women hated the male rompers, it seems they didn’t hate it as much as the following. Here are a number of style trends women hope men will be sensible enough to let go of in 2018.

Hipster Glasses
Hipster glasses that come with circle frames are pretty much unflattering and you will do yourself a world of good if you dump them now.

The Crazy Jeans And Baggy Shirts
Women see men that wear this as being pretty homeless and the trend is one they would rather not see this year. A lot of men walk around with baggy shirts, holes in their jeans and old-school, dirty sneakers thinking they look buff. Do your laundry as it’s not appealing to the women.

Flannel And Puffed Columbia Vest
While this outfit seems to be the signature outfit for university students, it gives women the idea that you’re no more than an immature school boy.

Wearing Sweatpants To A Formal Environment
Sweatpants can’t wait out of fashion as they are essential for athletic environments. Women however don’t want to see you wearing sweatpants that are formal enough for the office, it’s confusing and lazy. Pick one.

A Pattern Down The Side Of Your Haircut
The haircut with the one thin line going down the side is something you should let go of. While the haircut is still somehow popular, women believe you have a lot of other stylish options to choose from.

Wearing Beanie Hats
The heat of the dry season shouldn’t even make you consider wearing a beanie. It will only make you drenched in sweat underneath or wearing it drooping off the back of your head trying (and failing) to make it work. You will obviously look seasonally challenged.

There is no reason for a grown man to wear overalls unless your occupation calls for it in the work area. She hopes you have the sense to not wear it this year.

Track Suits
It is not in anyway sexual Ltd appealing for women to see you wear Track suits. This is especially so when you are completely dressed up. You can wear them to work if you must but generally leave them behind at every other occasions.

Adidas slides
These were the in-thing for secondary school students involved in athletics but a lot of men have adopted them for other occasions. If you are one of those men, it is best you give them out as women are hoping to see a lot less of them this year.

Hawaiian Shirts
These shirts were and still remain the stylish trend for some university students. If you are still in a tertiary institution, you can keep them and wear them with pride. Women however don’t think they look cute on grown men.



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