A Step By Step Guide To Escaping The Friend zone

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Being in the friend zone is one problem a lot of guys can relate to and escaping this zone can be quite difficult, except you know the right things to do. Not to worry however, as we present to you a step by step guide that can help you pull off a magical escape that you can be proud of.

Identify The Problem
The first step is for you to recognise the fact that you have a problem. It could be that you failed to make your intentions clear enough and she doesn’t know that you’re interested in her or you do all the things she expects from a friend. It could be she is seeing someone else or you have a deal breaker hindering you.

Furthermore, it could be that she just is not into you and you just don’t recognise it. Whatever the problem is, it is important you identify it before drawing a plan of attack. Ask yourself if you’re prepared to fix the problems so as to make her identify you in a completely different light and perhaps, re-consider you as an option.

If you discover s is dating someone else, is she worth waiting for? If you sincerely feel she is not into you, it is best to have some pride and walk away. If that however is not the case, then you can proceed to step 2.

Flirt With Her
If you discover that the problem is that she doesn’t know how you feel, it’s time for you to step up your game by flirting. Hold her eye contact for that extra second, touch her arm during conversation to establish physical intimacy, bring up discussions that will get her mind wondering (“What’s your dream first date?”, and your follow up question can be, “Want to make it happen?”).

Women are better at deducing clues than men which means when you flirt With her and she gives a warm reaction, you’re most likely slowly building attraction as opposed to confessing your feelings. The latter is more likely to scare her off than improve her perception of you as a potential partner.

Let Her Have Some Space
It’s part of human nature for us to crave the things that we can’t have. As such, making yourself less available will do the trick of getting you out of the friend zone. You should however remember not to be cold or rude. Simply give yourself enough distance so she has to start doing some of the chasing.

Creating some space will help you create an air of intrigue that will arouse her curiosity. This will likely force her to consider what her life would be like without you in it. Moreover, you can build an alluring sense of mystery by changing something about yourself.

It could be something as simple as a new haircut or any other major thing that will force her to change her perception of you. Bear in mind that if this doesn’t help you to escape the friend zone, the fact that you engaged in self improvement can at least make you a better catch for the next woman you are attracted to.

Get Over Her
Continually obsessing over her won’t do you much good neither will telling your friends how much you’re stuck in the friend zone get you what you want. It is important you have a bit of self respect and move on if things don’t change.

If you’re doing all the things a regular boyfriend does such as showering her with compliments, politely tolerating her chatter about things that don’t interest you, without any inherent benefits, it’s time to gather the courage to move on.

More so, it is important to remember never to beg. Ask yourself if you’ve ever heard a couple tell you that the way they got together was through a grovelling text message pleading that the woman just gives the man one date that later won her over.

Confidence is attractive, so if she’s still not into you, it is best you stop and find someone else that shares your belief in how awesome you are.



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