Simple Tricks Whiskey Lovers Can Use To Make Their Drinks Taste Better

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Science has touched almost everything on earth and it has a number of explanations and tricks as regards what you can do to make your whiskey taste better.

From helping us know that the earth is ellipsoidal, to improved medical advancements and now, the ways through which drinking whiskey can be a sweeter experience, science definitely tops it any day.

If your favourite alcoholic beverage is this drink or you are one that is just getting introduced to the wonders of this drink, science is here to quell all your imbibing insecurities and happen you to a variety of tricks and ideas.

A new scientific study explains the processes and the reasons behind the best way to consume the aromatic amber liquid known as whiskey. Results show that a glass of this drink diluted with water actually produces the optimal drinking experience.

A lot of research has gone into the optimal drinking experience whiskey lovers can have by mixing it with a variety of fluids ranging from water to other sweet drinks.

While much of the research appears complicated, there is a there exists a simpler explanation. The unique taste of whiskey can be attributed to the presence of a molecule called guaiacol. Since the molecule is ambivalent, guaiacol both likes and dislikes water. Adding water to your drink actually helps to push the guaiacol to the top of your drink, strengthening the aroma and flavour of your alcoholic beverage.

However, there’s a definite sweet spot that exists within the mixture. The study shows that adding just a few drops of water to your glass will deliver the best taste. Adding too much water will only help to get the guaiacol dispersed throughout the glass and this inadvertently dilutes the flavour.

The research however encourages whiskey lovers to experiment with the proportions that work best for them, till they get the taste that best suits their buds.
So drink on, whiskey lovers. But remember, you don’t always have to serve your whiskey neat. Adding a little water never hurts.

How do you like your whiskey? Let us know your preferred mixing agent and proportions in the comments section below.



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